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A targeted list of qualified leads / customers is one of the most important contributors to the foundation of a successful internet network marketing business. Yet most of us really don't know on how to get started on being able to attract potential leads /customers to part with their names and email addresses for building the list. Today I am going to share with you the four most vital list building strategies that can change the results that you have been getting with your list building efforts so far.


Direct Your Traffic To Your Squeeze Page Rather Than Your Sales Page. Always create a distinct squeeze page for every offer you want to make. Never send your traffic directly to the sales page. Further the squeeze page should not directly talk about the sales offer. Most people are offended with the direct sales pitch and hence tend to stay away, even from the slightest inkling of it.This would severely impact the potential of your squeeze page's ability to collect contact information.


Offer A FREE Valuable Incentive, to the visitor. No matter which home business opportunity you are offering, always remember that your squeeze page should ideally offer some FREE valuable information in the form of a FREE REPORT / E-Course or E-book related to that product/ service or home based opportunity that you are promoting. This Free Report is essentially going to serve as the relationship building tool between you and the reader and hence it must offer really good value to your reader. You could always add a link in your free report leading to your sales page. Remember the first impression is the last impression. If you are able to strike the right chord with the prospect with your free information, the chances of his going for your paid program increase manifold.


Create an indispensable build up around Your FREE Incentive. Further, giving too much direct information about the contents of the free report is also not desirable. Rather direct the spotlight on the advantages that one would gain by accessing the Free Report. Stir up the inquisitiveness of the prospect to an extent sufficient enough to convince him to leave his contact details in your squeeze page. For e.g., if you are offering a report about some exclusive internet marketing strategies, which could get you instant sales & leads, the title of your report should be - How To Make A Instant $300 Daily, Day After Day, Like Clockwork' rather than 'Exclusive Internet Marketing Strategies to Enhance your Sales' . Put yourself in the shoes of the reader and pick up the title which you would like to read.


Join List Building Programs Where Leads Pay You To Be Part Of Your List. There are several list building programs which are independent of any home business opportunity designed specifically to build the list of all participating members. Some of them are free and some have a small one time fee to join them. One prefers to be associated with the paid ones, since they tend to attract only the serious internet marketers, who would be the ideal targeted audience that one would seek to be part of one's list.

Another great advantage of these paid lead building programs is that you get paid every time someone joins you list, which essentially means, you are able to monetize your business costs even while prospecting. Marketed well, this one lead could be well equivalent to hundreds and thousands of dollars, since you will be credited even for the leads that join the list of your directly referred leads.

In itself this revolutionary lead building program could become a full fledged income stream, since they are making you enough money, irrespective of whether they buy a product or join the opportunity that you are promoting or not. Beyond that, they always are and will remain a lifetime customer for all subsequent promotions that you choose to make. Apply these ultimate list building strategies to your existing network marketing business and see a targeted, mammoth list built up in no time.

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