Do You Need a Home Security Camera?

by John Stason - Date: 2007-04-07 - Word Count: 655 Share This!

Home owners must always make safety their priority. This is to ensure that no
intruders enter the home, particularly during the night. But is a system
involving security cameras the right approach to enhanced home security?

Statistics have shown that the number of robberies that occur in homes are
rising steadily in the past years.

If you are interested in protecting your home with a surveillance system, you
should first grasp the concepts of the technology, what it can and what it
cannot do for your safety.

Home security cameras are currently available in wired or wireless models.
Believe it or not, these cameras could be equipped with many other items you
think you would further need. Wireless home security cameras are actually
easy to set up. Plus, your home need not have a lot of cords that are running
around everywhere. Home security cameras that are wireless are able to
transmit signals to a specific receiver be it locally or at a remote station or a
security home company.

The current trend is away from analog cameras towards digital surveillance
devices. These are smaller and easier to install that their analogue

The primary purpose of a home security camera is there to alert anyone
visually if an unwanted intruder is within the house. They do not provide a
sufficient level of security if used alone. They always should be used along
with home alarm systems. What good does a camera do if nobody is acting on
the image captured?

Another - often neglected - function of surveillance cameras for homes is that
they have proven to have a deterrent effect of any potential intruders. A
potential criminal will think twice if it is really worth invading your home while
he is likely to be observed by a camera and the footage probably recorded.

Most intruders already have a criminal record and their pictures are on file with
the authorities. So any video footage of them will get them into much bigger
trouble that a first-time opportunity burglar. That first-timer however would
never choose a house that seems to have sophisticated security equipment
installed. Remember, if your camera never records any suspicious activity it
still might have saved you without you knowing it - solely due to the deterring
effect a camera has for intruders.

The fact of the matter is that cameras that are inexpensive could probably do
the job you want it to do for a couple of days or so. However, when the time
comes that this camera is to be used during the night, they are un-helpful.

A good home outdoor security camera must also be effective when it is dark.
There are actually home outdoor security camera brands that are on the
market and are effective and inexpensive.

Once in a while you will hear comments that that cameras around the house
can in fact attract criminals. A reason for this could be: If people spot a security
camera they tend to think there must be something valuable if the owners
install a camera. However, the reasoning of a burglar is quite different.
Criminals will weigh the risk against the potential return. While a camera may
hint that there is something valuable to get the risk level for the criminal is
raised substantially by an overt security camera.

Please be aware that the use of video surveillance on unsuspecting
individuals such as house workers or visitors may not be legal in all states or
countries. This is particularly crucial if a security camera installed on your
property partly covers - or could cover a public area - such as the sidewalk in
front of your house. So please be sure to check with your local authorities.

All in all, security cameras are a welcome addition to your overall home
security concept. They provide you with sufficient protection to make you
sleep soundly at night or during the day.

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