Feng Shui Baby Names

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There are various ways to pick a baby name. The ways vary from different Feng Shui schools. Feng means wind, while Shui means water. Feng Shui Masters found a way to relate Feng Shui with baby name.

Chinese astrologers use Feng Shui on how to pick a baby name. The name at birth is very important to the baby and couple. A good shape name brings good luck to the holder of the name.

Kua Numbers

The astrologers determine the Kua number of your birth year. Kua number tells whether the name is auspicious, or inauspicious. The Kua number calculations vary between female and male. The general idea is to add the last two digits of the birth year until you produce a single digit. Then, you subtract to 10.

For example, 9 is the Kua number for 1973 birth year for male. First, you add 7 and 3. You will get 10. Then, you add 1 and 0. You will get 1 which is a single digit. You subtract 10 by 1. And, the Kua number is 9.

For female, the calculation varies slightly. You add 5 after you add the last two digits of the birth year. For example, 4 is the Kua number for 1973 birth year for female. First, you add 7 and 3. You will get 10. Then, you add 10 and 5. You will get 15. Next, you add 1 and 5. You will get 6 which is a single digit. Finally, you subtract 10 by 6. The Kua number is 4.

Eight Characters

The eight characters are more commonly known as Ba Zi. The astrologers look at the eight characters to tell the useful element. There are three commonly way to use the eight characters. First, the astrologers find any lacking element to complement another element. For example, the wood is a lacking element. The astrologer finds a name that is associated with wood such as timber, branch, forest, and bark.

Second, the astrologer finds the required element. For example, the word requires water and earth. The water is a missing character. The astrologer supplies a character associated with water.

Lastly, the bad baby names are used to ward off evil spirits on the old days. They believe the evil spirits lose interest with a bad baby name. For example, rat, and snake are good example.

Yin and Yang

The Chinese characters compose of strokes. In Feng Shui, the total number of strokes also matter. Depending on the school, Feng Shui master tells you the correct number of strokes. The Ying is the even number of strokes, while the Yang is the odd number of strokes.

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