What Can Credit Repair Services Do For You?

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Are you desperate about your bad credit score and are looking for a good solution? Possibly considering the services of a credit repair firm? You should be aware that you can do credit repair yourself, and there are a lot of online resources and articles that can show you how. But for this article, let's take a look at credit repair companies and what they do.

Many credit repair services say that they can improve your credit score by 100 to 150 points. The process of credit repair will usually take from 30 to 60 days. The fee for doing your credit repair is generally around $500. You are strongly advised to select a credit repair firm that offers some kind of money-back guarantee if they are unable to significantly improve your credit score.

By law, a credit repair service cannot guarantee the improvement of your credit report. Companies that make false guarantees about their services are contravening the law. They may also be scams intended to part you from your money. Before you deal with a company, make sure that they are a reputable organization. Contact your local Better Business Bureau and see if they have a listing for the credit repair firm before you hire it.

Some companies may not be outright scams, but can still harm you if they engage in bad business practices, possibly due to lack of training. These include credit repair firms who try to dispute your credit report by providing inaccurate or even false information--something you should never do with a credit reporting agency.

You should read and understand the Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA), which contains a number of provisions that protect your consumer rights and help you to tell if a company is being unfair or even fraudulent. For example, the CROA states that a credit repair group cannot charge you up front, and must perform the services outlined in the contract before they can extract their payment from you. The CROA also states that the contract must specify the entire fee for the service, and give a detailed description of the services that are to be rendered. It also allows you to cancel your contract without penalty or obligation as long as you do so within 3 business days from the initial signing.

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