Holiday Scented Candles for Scented Candle Lovers

by Don Stevens - Date: 2006-11-28 - Word Count: 244 Share This!

Holiday scented candles are nothing new, we have enjoyed giving scented candles as gifts before, but this year offers new and exciting candles that anyone can enjoy. First of all, giving a scented candle is holiday gifts is no brainer, since candles are becoming more and more popular. Sure they are new things in the market such as room diffusers, scent effusion lamps, and there will always be potpourri, however nothing beats the flicker of a candle. The light it gives, the warmth it gives, and let's not forget the most important thing: the scent.

This year's scented candles proves to be exciting change from the ordinary. Sure there are the traditional bayberry, holly berry, and the favorite pine. However, this year scented candles offers unique fragrances that still instill the spirit of the holidays while delivering innovative gift giving.

Cozy Christmas: A rich blend of Nutmeg, Rum, Cinnamon, Ginger, Chocolate. Yum.

Santa's Pipe: A piping mix of Cherrywood, Raspberry, Vanilla, Tobacco

North Pole: A fun and delicious combo of Chocolate and Wintermint

What a wonderful way to give a gift that is traditional, creative, and fun. Candles go a long way with gift giving, it's easy, disposable, and affordable. Don't forget about the many different holiday colors that candles give for home decoration. Home decor is a growing gift trend, and matching colors for the holidays, i.e. greens, reds, golds, are a great benefit to your gift. Enjoy your shopping for holiday scented candles with these great ideas.

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