Mental - Physical And Spiritual Planes Of Life

by Jim Petafi - Date: 2007-03-06 - Word Count: 393 Share This!

Our lives function on three distinct planes of being: the mental, the spiritual and the physical. Mind is the artiste; spirits is the music and body is the musical instrument. When all three are in harmony, the music sounds beautiful and living a life is a joyful experience.

People exaggerate the importance of physical body, which is the least important of the human entity. More important are mental and spiritual vibrations that effect the chemical composition of the physical body.

Some of us have removed spirituality from our lives due to over-expectation or lack of faith in the divine. By doing so we are stalling a three-cylinder car on two.

Take example of sports stalwarts who keep themselves in perfect physical, mental and spiritual condition. They eliminate from their organism waste matter and fat by a strictly regulated diet and hard exercise. They also eliminate any lingering negative thoughts or doubts from their minds. They communicate well with their inner selves and at no time they're complacent, overconfident or lax with their training and discipline. They don't underestimate their opponents, else they'll be defeated by someone who would normally be no match for them. They accept their weaknesses and reinforce them without giving up. As a reward, they win and maintain their supremacy.

Self-control is the master's key to all achievements great and small. Will power can be strengthened with autosuggestion, the mental magic. Best time to practice is before dropping to sleep with the least disturbance and in most favorable conditions. Say to yourself:
"Tomorrow I shall do --- without fail".
"I shall not allow the bad habit of --- to control me".
"I shall do so to obtain ---".

Suppose you struggle to get up in the morning or dread going through your morning routines. You must affirm the night before:
"Tomorrow morning, I shall get out of bed at time --- without hesitation and do my exercises."

If you have a fear you may affirm:
"From tomorrow I shall not be afraid of ---, I'm strong and I've full support of faith, hope and divine power".

If you have a serious problem, the inner consciousness, the watchman is always awake and it will work upon your problem while your physical brain is asleep. Think upon it confidently and demand that the right solution come to you during sleep. Hence the popular phrase: "Before I decide the matter I'll sleep over it.

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Jim Petafi suffered a heart attack from which he made a remarkable recovery. He wrote an ebook titled " Life Begins After A Heart Attack" that can be viewed at: - Jim didn't allow his heart condition to take control of his life. His mission is to show people how simple it is to avoid serious diseases and how to deal with them successfully. Whether you're a candidate or a victim, Jim can 'fix it' with some ESSENTIAL ADVICE.

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