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by Mike Kelley - Date: 2008-11-15 - Word Count: 413 Share This!

How to Make a Good CV (and get it read).

If you have ever been involved in writing a CV properly you will know how much care and effort goes into it. If you put yourself in the reader's shoes - you may remember all those marketing brochures that have landed on your desk or been pushed through your door. How many have you actually read all the way through? Or, did you just briefly glance at them in a second or two to be placed on a pile or draw for reading later or thrown in the bin...

What makes this happen?  Why does all the effort get wasted?

What people do that raises criticisms against their CVs:

1) They make them too long.

2) They make them with too much content or text.

3) They make them with too many different fonts.

4) They make them with poor design.

5) They are badly worded.

6) They make them too glossy.

7) Just too boring.

8) Just like all the others.

9) They make them too gimmicky.

10) No benefits of the product or services communicated.

Write a Good CV

* Write what the reader wants to know, not all that you want to say.

* Bullet point benefits you have contributed to present and previous employers.

* Write your CV as you would a Professionally written marketing brochure.

* You can download a CV template online at First Impressions

Using a 3rd Party to Write your CV

Be careful, employers and recruiters can be put off, if your CV looks and is worded mostly the same as all the other CVs that they see. If you commission a CV Writer to produce your CV, they may use CV template and copy other CV content to your own so your CV will not be customized or unique.  If you look in the job vacancies pages of the newspapers, you may see a section headed 'CV Services', with quite a few different companies offering to write a good CV for you at varying rates. While these writers may, produce very good CVs with a superior presentation they are mostly, by my experience and in the eye's of recruiters and employers, too standardized and still full of those buzz words and phrases no matter what profession you seem to be in. CVs produced by a standard CV template in this way are often mass-produced, and sometimes excessively gimmicky, with the wording "way over the top" and this can make your CV and you seem glib and arrogant.

Mike Kelley

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