Written Words From Your Own Head.your Own Private Stimulis Package. Writing Essay.

by Charles W Ginsburg - Date: 2010-01-29 - Word Count: 549 Share This!

Does your own personal economy suck? Do you have pennies jingling in your pocket instead of quarters? Are you just sick of the fruitless ?Obama-nation? and all of the crooks from the Chicago mob? Are your hopes for a better future spiraling south as well as the hopes of your children and grand children? There is real hope you know. Yes, serious and real hope, and it?s inside you. You don?t? need to pant after a stimulus package. You can truly make your own. Just a little at first, but then a little more and more, like a snowball rolling down hill.

When all seems hopeless and the future looks bleak, everyone can still tell a story, or more particularly their own story, an article on past experience, an opinion, a recipe, a viewpoint, an objection!. What?s even more, they can sell their story to a lot of folks who are in dire need of a good yarn to publish, either for the radio, for newspapers, television or the internet.

Yes everyone has value from the experiences of life that others are more than ready to hear about and pay for. That?s why publishers publish, because other folks will pay to hear about the unique and special stories that would interest the masses and that they would pay to see, like in a screenplay. Or hear, like on the radio or television. Or read about on the Internet or newspapers.
Did you know there are even people who are looking for specific types of stories or articles, just 200 to 500 words that are very happy to pay for and to continually do that day after day, week after week.

Did you know that there are one billion, three hundred million, plus, viewers on the internet and growing exponentially daily, and that?s only 20% of the worldwide population. And when they crank up their computers guess what the first thing is that they do? Yep, you guessed it, THEY READ. They read what somebody wrote. And guess what else; generally, somebody is getting paid for the words they are reading. Successful writing.

You have a fortune in your own head. One you can make a daily income from that can sustain you, your family and all those grand kids! They don?t have to be fancy and perfect, All kinds of stories, even books and novels, news reports, opinions, sales pitches, articles, tributes, memorials, what ticks you off, What you find appalling, and on and on.
But guess what, you personally have an edge over the millions and billions in this world. You probably live in America, and right now you are probably reading this on your very own computer, Yea!!! You have your own tools and the best market in the world for your own stories.

Would you help me change America by helping me help you? My name is Charles W Ginsburg, and you can sell your stories on the internet, every single day! I do. That means your own personal stimulus package from God, not any thieving moron politician. A personal stimulus package He put in your head, from the riches of your own personal experiences that He lead you through, can make you money daily. Every single day!

Follow me, I?ll show you a way to writing income.

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