Water For Gas - Is It For Real?

by Mira Williams - Date: 2008-11-09 - Word Count: 465 Share This!

When burned, HHO releases energy and produces water and heat. HHO technology is green technology and is the likely source of major energy alternate in the near future. HHO conversion helps in creation of hybrid cars that are run by water thus releasing only oxygen and water in air helping protect environment from the green house effect.

HHO helps a vehicle engine to run cleaner due to less carbon buildup. HHO powered car helps in improving emissions due to increase in horsepower, resulting in few trips to fuel station. As the gas prices keep increasing on daily basis, everybody is trying to get alternative car fuel. It is possible to have your own HHO converter so as to convert your car into a hybrid car. HHO helps the engine to run quieter along with stopping knocking or "pinging" effect. This also helps in less noise and less vibration while using your car and as a result, strain on the vehicle is reduced due to smoother gear shifts, clean valves and pistons.

But there are other uses of HHO along with boosting mileage or using it as a fuel for vehicles. It can be used to power home generators. This will lead to filling up of inverters and batteries even for solar batteries and wind turbines, leading to independent source of energy for you. You won't be at the mercy of electricity supply companies and their lousy services. You can use HHO for home heating and cooking.

By using hybrid cars and HHO technology you can save on your tax. Federal and state governments have provision for tax rebate on using hybrid cars that have low level of emissions. As cars using HHO technology run on water, they qualify for this rebate. Some States provide special parking zone for such vehicles and some allow free parking. Altogether, you may end up saving lots of money if you opt for HHO technology.

Sky-high oil prices have resulted in making us think of alternative sources of energy. Unfortunately, world leaders have not paid much attention to it and common man is the one who has to suffer as a consequence of lack of choices. But there is some good news on this front. Newer technologies like HHO are being widely used. As application of these technologies is new, there is some responsibility on part of scientists to make them popular. They can remove patent restriction and innovate on this new source of energy further so as to make it appealing to common man. Due to apprehensions on part of general public towards use of new technologies in the field of energy, they tend to use conventional sources and thus pay heavy price for that. What is required is combined effort on part of government, citizens and the scientific community.

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