More than Cool: Choosing a Motorcycle Jacket

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More than Cool: Choosing a Motorcycle Jacket

Getting a motorcycle jacket does more than raise your coolness factor. It also offers a lot in terms of protection, especially for long drives under natural and manmade elements. To choose a motorcycle jacket for protective purposes and for style, here are a few tips:

Buy for protection first.

The purpose of a motorcycle jacket is to protect you against the wind, sun, dust, rain and road debris like pebbles and whatnot. You might like the feel of the wind against your chest, but in colder weather, this is just not recommended. A jacket should protect your skin against scratches in case of road accidents.

If you want more ventilation, then choose jackets that are vented. These allow the wind in to circulate between your jacket and your body, so you won't feel as hot on warmer days.

Choose a leather motorcycle jacket

One of the most popular choices for a bike jacket is leather. These are tough, water resistant and able to withstand wear and tear. Besides, the more aged they are, the better they look.

If you're buying leather, choose one that is supple and soft. While these may be more expensive, they will score high points for the comfort that it will provide you, especially if you're planning to go on long rides. Look for heavy stitching on the hems and lapels. Good stitching is the mark of good craftsmanship and therefore of quality.

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Inspect the jacket for consistency in texture and color, unless of course you're looking for two-toned leather. The jacket should be consistent from the sleeves to the back and front and not look that three different cows contributed to it.

You might want to consider a motorcycle jacket that is thick enough to give you protection, but light enough to be comfortable. Thickness is more often than not directly proportional to weight and the thicker the jacket is, the more protection it will give you. If you will be spending a lot of time on the road, you might want a thicker jacket for better durability.

Price = Quality

You don�t need to spend a lot for a motorcycle jacket. Good ones normally start at about $60 while more expensive and detailed ones can go for $500 up. Custom-made leather jackets can cost more and will take more time to make, so be sure you're willing to wait.

Don�t be afraid to shop around for good quality and price. When you find one that you like, wear it to see if it's a good fit or not. If you're going to be a true blue rider, you and your jacket will be together for a long time.
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