Ways To Increase Testosterone Levels

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Maintaining adequate testosterone levels can prevent all kinds of health maladies in men as they age. Learn how to safely increase your Testosterone Tablets level in order to gain the full health benefits that this hormone provides.


Diet plays a large role in testosterone production. First of all, don't skip meals. Your body needs a steady source of calories and nutrients to make hormones. Second, don't skimp too much on the fat. Dietary fat levels that fall much below 30 percent can reduce testosterone production. The same goes for low-carp, high-protein diets like Atkins, since consistently high levels of protein are another long-term testosterone killer. Instead, aim to keep your protein intake closer to 15 percent of your total daily calories. Reach for monounsaturated fats, like peanuts, for an extra boost. Super foods like garlic, broccoli and cabbage can also raise your testosterone level. Losing weight can help increase testosterone levels if you're obese, but don't lose too much too quickly. Otherwise, your body goes into starvation mode and testosterone is not produced. Finally, limit your drinking. Continual binge-drinking wreaks havoc on testosterone production.

Exercise and Lifestyle

Bulk up your workout. Penn State researchers showed that three sets of repetitions versus just one or two is the most effective in raising testosterone. Also, lift heavy weight; for the maximum Testosterone Boosters, lift enough weight so you are unable to complete the fifth repetition. Perform exercises that train multiple muscle groups, like squats and bench presses, rather than just doing single muscle exercises. Get plenty of rest between workouts. According to a study at the University of North Carolina, over training resulted in as much as a 40 percent drop in overall testosterone levels. Therefore, get a good night's sleep, and never train the same muscle groups two days in a row. Finally, have sex. To keep up testosterone production, ideally sperm is released at least once a week.


Increase your testosterone levels with supplements like zinc, a mineral often lacking in many diets. Vitamins B6 and magnesium help the body utilize zinc, and therefore contribute to body's transformation of free cholesterol into Testosterone. Take fish oil capsules for essential fatty acids. Remember, fat plays a crucial role in testosterone production, and essential fatty acids provide a healthy way to increase your intake. Cover your intake of Vitamins A, B, C and D as well, along with boron and selenium, to assure optimal testosterone levels. And beware: while a huge range of other testosterone-enhancing supplements are out there, including DHEA, many can have adverse effects on your health. The same goes for testosterone injections and pills, which can lead to high cholesterol, shrunken testes and liver damage.

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