Discover How Easy It Is To Make Halloween Costume Makeup

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You can make your own homemade Halloween costume makeup, while using this resourceful holiday guide. Everyone loves creating his or her own unique Halloween appearance during this holiday season.

However, Halloween costume makeup that can be purchased in stores is often very limited when it comes to overall selection and can prove to be quite expensive.

To top this off, generally there is not enough of this type of makeup in one package to permit you to get the appearance you want and it certainly does not leave you any room for correcting mistakes.

You can make you own homemade Halloween costume makeup while following these guidelines for different recipes.

One of the most popular types of makeup when it comes to Halloween is the basic face makeup. It is relatively simple to create this type of makeup from the comfort of your home.

You will only need a few ingredients for this recipe; they include food coloring, water, cold cream and cornstarch.

In a bowl, you will add one teaspoon of cornstarch and half a teaspoon of water, and then you will add a half teaspoon of cold cream and stir until all the ingredients are well blended.

You will then add enough food coloring to this mixture to achieve the color you desire. You can add enough food coloring to suit your particular needs.

One of the most popular Halloween costume makeup items today is fake blood. This recipe may take a bit of practice; however, you can make your own fake blood at home. The ingredients you need consist of red food coloring, hot water, light corn syrup and liquid soap.

You can enhance the color to make it more realistic looking by adding either some blue or green food coloring with this Halloween blood recipe.

Mix the corn syrup and hot water in a bowl, using only enough water to reach the consistency that your desire for your fake Halloween blood.

After reaching the desired consistency, add a dab of liquid soap to the mixture. This will also be helpful for washing the fake blood away later on. You will then add your red food coloring. You can make the blood darker by using green or blue food coloring and then you simply refrigerate the mixture until you are ready to use it.

Now, you know how to make the two most common types of Halloween costume makeup from home!

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