Dress Up Your Car - (Part Three)

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If you wanted to add several high power amplifiers, you may need yo upgrade your car's electrical system to increase the current capability of the vehicle's electrical system, often required in high-power audio system components.

Amplifiers can be tricky to install, but with great, informative sites like anzwers.com.au/automotive/car_audio, and OzFreeOnline.com you can research and source all the advice you need about your car amplifier installations. Moreover, these sites will assist about important information and the necessity to set up your amplifiers in the boot of your car. The amplifiers need to be in a vertical position, where there will be circulated air, because amplifiers generate a lot of heat. You'll see cooling fins on an amplifier. These spread out the heat into the surrounding air to help cool the amplifier. The fins must be able to operate properly and need some space around them all the time. Therefore, don't ever cover them with luggage, blankets, groceries etc., Amplifiers should not be mounted with the fins facing downward either because heat will radiate back up into the amplifier.

Installing an amplifier yourself is quite difficult, you should get professional assistance and information that will help you to be sure to plan your installation carefully, o you don't obtain the wrong information and mount amplifiers or other components directly to the metal of your car.


If you do install the speakers and amplifiers yourself, you must pair the right speakers with the correct amplifiers to avoid a system ‘blow-out'. In this instance a ‘5-channel' car amplifier may be the best for a full system of audio equipment, since its capabilities allow for more usage, there fore you would use a 5-channel amp to drive either 5 speakers, 2 subwoofers and a single subwoofer, or just 2 subwoofers.

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