Do Fish See Water?

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Fish do not see the water they live in because that is all that they swim in. It has become an invisible part of their experience. It is not only in their environment but in themselves. Similarly, people who create limited thoughts, think that the world itself is filled with limitations.

How do limited thoughts create limited people?

Let us count the ways.

One: Reversed Use Of The Law of Attraction.

According to the Law of Attraction, you get what you think about most of the time. In other words, thoughts are things. And the more you think about things and the more you feel about them, the quicker you draw them into your experience.

The Law of Attraction is not an airy-fairy philosophy. You can find evidence for it.
In Quantum Mechanics. In Bell's Theorem. In the traditions of many spiritual philosophies and ancient religions. But, above all, through trying it out and seeing the results for yourself. There is nothing irrational about this law. It is as solid and as irrefutable as gravity.

It works all the time. Those who do not know about it, use it by default. It is a perpetual source of their mis-creations. It seems to them that things are just flying at them, that things are always happening to them, and that they are innocent victims of other people and circumstances.

Many people actually know all about the Law of Attraction, but it still works against them. This is because they do not use it consciously. So, they continue to mis-create.

These people fall into two groups: one, the skeptics, who claim to have a rational predisposition; and two, those who forgot about it.

The skeptics dismiss it out of intellectual pride. They choose to dismiss it, not
because the theory is vague and there is no proof for it, but because they do not do any kind of research and experimentation with it. Even an elementary study of ancient spiritual literature, Jungian psychology, and the New Physics will show that the world we think of as common sense has some bizarre anomalies to it.

The forgetful dismiss it because they are overwhelmed by phenomena. They cry for a way to quench their thirst, while all along a glass of pure, clean water is sitting on the table before them. They yearn for the rich fruits of life while sitting in front of a banquet table.

If you fail to either acknowledge the Law of Attraction or fail to use it, for one reason or another, then you will continue to use it by default, bringing more and more of the things that you don't want into your experience.

Two: Lack of Vision.

Those who think in limited ways, lack vision. They do not see the possibility and opportunity before them. They have learned how to filter out the good and focus on the bad.

Here is a real life example:

Thousands of people drive through the desert regions of the U.S.A. on a main highway. All they see is a lot of hot, dry, arid land.

One man, however, was driving through it, and he saw something different. He saw a man-made lake, shady trees, and a beautiful retirement village. He bought a parcel of land for a low price, after all, it was considered worthless, and transformed his inner vision into a wonderful housing complex. His vision transformed into reality made him wealthy.

Opportunity for self-betterment in every area of your life is available to you, but you have to notice it first before you can act. One way of failing to notice opportunity is to wear the blinders of limited thinking.

Three: Low Energy.

When you think limited thoughts, you tend to neglect good eating, exercising, and doing things that encourage your body to be in a state of optimum health and vitality. The result is low energy, and this, in turn, creates a highly unproductive way of living in the world.

Four: Birds of a Feather.

People who have limited thoughts do not like to mingle with those who have expansive thoughts. It irritates them. In turn, those who have an optimistic view of things, do not have the patience to spend time grumbling, gossiping, or playing the game of "Ain't It Awful!" Limited people like to associate with others like them, who are open to their line of thought. This reinforces their tendency to think limited thoughts.

Five: Low Self-Esteem.

People who think limited thoughts have low self-esteem. This is because they have low energy, feel depressed, associate with people like themselves, lack vision, and are constantly baffled by how things just keep getting worse for them. They appear to have the Midas Touch in reverse. All of this results in low self-esteem. It's really hard to feel like a winner when you're losing all the time.

Wealth, health, romance, and success are possible when you step out of limited thinking and see the rich possibilities around you.

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