How to Choose the Perfect Teddy Bear for a Girl

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Finding the right present for the women in your life isn't always easy. You can waste a lot of time searching aimlessly for the perfect gift, and there are almost too many options out there! In order to keep things simple, why not consider getting her a great classic gift? A teddy bear or other plush toy can be a really wonderful gift, or a great supplement to another gift. They are a great present for any woman, regardless of how well you know her. In fact, they can be personalized a great deal for those you are close to, or if you don't know someone's likes or dislikes, a plush toy can be a  nice neutral gift that anyone can enjoy! And stuffed animals can be great for any age. Remember, overall a teddy bear or other plush toy is a great gift that will rarely go wrong.

Finding Stuffed Animals for Different Ages

Follow these simple rules to get the perfect plush toy for any age group. First, if you have to get a gift for a little girl in the 2 to 12 age range, keep things colorful and magical. For example, you could get her a unicorn or a Pegasus stuffed toy. Or alternatively, maybe you know that they really want a pet, like a dog or a cat, but their parents don't think they are ready for the responsibility yet. Get them a plush dog or plush cat as a substitute! If you have a teenager to get a stuffed toy for, get them something with some significance. For example, get them a stuffed tiger or lion to import courage or strength. This can be an especially great idea for a graduation, or some other milestone. Or maybe you have to get a gift for a lady that's 20 years old or above. Consider getting the great classic gift of a teddy bear! This can be an especially great idea if you want to get her some flowers or chocolate too. You can even have the teddy bear hold them! Or alternatively, get her a stuffed animal that can be decorative for her home or office. This can be anything, from a plush cat to a stuffed squirrel, as long as the toy is classical and natural looking.

Finding Stuffed Animals for Different Occasions

Always consider the occasion when you're getting someone a stuffed animal. This can include basics like getting an animal that's seasonally appropriate, such as a polar bear for the winter holidays or an eagle for Independence Day, but it can also include personalization. A stuffed animal appropriate to all seasons and occasions would be a teddy bear, but you can really make it special by personalizing the toy. Get the gift recipient's initial stitched on the teddy's paw or chest. Or if it's too difficult to personalize with the occasion, make the toy special by linking it to their passion instead. Here's some examples. Maybe she loves cats or dogs, so get her a plush set of them. Or maybe you know she's interested in exotic travel and wants to see a jungle some day. Get her a stuffed tiger or plush leopard. She'll be very pleased to realize how well you know her, and appreciate the cute way you've found to personify her passion.

Finding Stuffed Animals for Different Personalities

It's very important to find a stuffed animal that will speak to your lady's personality. For example, you may be considering the cute teddy bear with a bow tie, but maybe the woman in your life is a nature lover. She'd be much more likely to appreciate a stuffed bear that's realistic, natural, and based on one in the wild. Or maybe she's talkative and lively. That type of personality would probably appreciate a stuffed teddy that's as colorful as she is. Or, if you know a lady with a more reserved personality, get her a more classical teddy bear that's brown or white, or maybe a natural-looking plush cat. Or, if she's dynamic but serious, get her a plush horse or something else that would make a good decorative piece and be useful. Or, for the last example, maybe she's got a great sense of humor. Get her a fun stuffed monkey that she'd be sure to appreciate!

Stuffed animals are a great gift for women, because they are fun and easy to personalize, and nothing makes a woman happier than realizing that you've been paying attention! So remember, always get a plush toy for the women in your life by paying attention to their age, personality, and the occasion they are celebrating.

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