Twelve Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Homeowners And Automobile Insurance

by Donald Ellis - Date: 2007-03-12 - Word Count: 609 Share This!

The cost of Homeowners Insurance has dramatically increased recently in many states due to the unusual amount of hurricanes and tornados devastating many cities in the U.S.A. As many of you are aware, your cost of insurance may have doubled or tripled this year. The following suggestions may help you to lower some of these costs.

1. Make sure that you are fully insured. However, there is no need to over insure. Remember that you do not need to insure the cost of the land as it will not be destroyed by fire, etc. Many homeowners make this mistake. Also make sure that your mortgage company fully understands this and does not insist on you over insuring your home This should be discussed with your Insurance Agent.

2. Consider combining your Automobile Insurance with your Homeowners Insurance. In most cases you will save money on both, especially on the Homeowners.

3. Check for nearby fire hydrants and measure if necessary how far you are away from them. If you are within one thousand feet of one, this will entitle you to a large discount. Next, check how far you are from a Fire Department. You may have to get an official letter from your local Fire Department verifying this information. There is usually a small fee for this service.

4. A Security System for your home will give you an additional discount on your insurance premium. However, the system that directly responds to Local Police and Fire Department will give you the most discounts. Your Alarm System Provider should prepare a letter verifying the installation of your Alarm System.

5. Smoke Alarms should be installed in every dwelling for the safety of your entire family. A permanently fixed Fire Alarm in your home will often result in an additional discount. The installation of a Smoke Alarm is the responsibility of every homeowner, providing for their family's security!

6. Insurance companies often will give a discount to nonsmoking households because they are considered to be less of an accidental fire risk.

7. Dead Bolt Locks on all outside doors are well worth the small expense and should give you an additional discount from your Insurer.

8. There may be additional discounts that you qualify for such as: a senior rate, a high credit rating, living in a gated community, indoor Sprinkler System, an affiliation with certain organizations such as: a credit union, a fraternity, a college, certain credit cards, and unions. If any of these categories pertain to your situation, you should discuss it with your Insurance Agent.

9. You may not be aware of the fact that if you pay your monthly premiums by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) which is a very efficient way to handle Premium Payments that you may be entitled to a discount (this depends upon the Insurer you choose).

10. Consider larger deductibles on your Automobile and Homeowner's policies. Five hundred deductible on collision usually results in worthwhile savings. The substantial deductible will give sufficient protection against large losses and will prevent you from filing unnecessary smaller claims that would trigger additional surcharges by the insurers.

11. Get as many quotes as possible from top-notch insurance companies.

12. Let us help you!! If you are searching for quick, easy, affordable insurance quotes.....your search is over! With one simple application online you will be able to receive insurance quotes from many well known insurers. Then all you need to do is compare coverage and choose which policy best meets your needs and is the most affordable. You may receive free insurance quotes while still online to see if this is the right choice for you.

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