What's A Book Piece?

by Kevin D Browne - Date: 2006-12-11 - Word Count: 294 Share This!

What's a book piece? You don't know? Wait, don't you spend every waking minute of your life thinking about book pieces?

Creative do. Because their careers DEPEND on them.

A book piece is simply a 'keeper.' It is a print piece or a radio spot or a television commercial (or better yet a television campaign) that is so good, and so well-received and so loved that it makes it into the book. Or into the portfolio.

When you first start out in advertising, practically EVERYTHING you produce will be a book piece because unlike your portfolio that got you the job, this will be REAL pieces. And REAL pieces will always be more important than 'spec' pieces.

So early on, point of purchase and coupons and even collateral materials (if they're very good) could become book pieces...and as time passes, and you graduate to bigger and better assignments, book pieces tend to be ONLY your best print and your best television.

One of the hardest things for creatives to realize as they go about their careers is that EVERY assignment has the ability to yield a BOOK PIECE! As crazy as it sounds, sometimes even the worst assignments in the worst advertising categories turn into book pieces.

It is equally important for younger creatives to realize that book pieces become more and more infrequent as time goes on...as it becomes harder and harder to beat the book pieces already on the inside.

It's all supply and demand, of course.

But as a general rule, most copywriters and art directors find comfort in producing one or just two book pieces in a year. One or two truly worthwhile pieces of advertising will tend to keep them in employable order.

So, then, what's a book piece?

Ultimately, a book piece is peace of mind. (Pun intended!)

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