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Nokia introduced the 2626 as a successor to the 2610 which is aimed at the style conscious. It is a colorful phone as it has been introduced in many vibrant colors. The pink color one is a very eye catching handset. The revamped colors and the presence of music capabilities make it quite an attractive device. The pink color posses' visual appeal.

Dimension and design

 This red and pink mobile phone comes in a much conventional dimension of 104x43x18 mm, weighting 91 g. A basic design in a rectangular shape is what you get. The phone is constructed out of three different plastic materials, with the inset made of tinted glass, having mirror coating on the front. It makes the device look good. In fact it is very comfortable to hold and carry around. You can slip it in your pocket or purse with ease.  Two loudspeakers are situated at the top and right hand sides of the phone. It does not have any other keys present on the sides of the device.


This red and pink mobile phone has a 27√-27 mm STN-matrix display, with a resolution of 128√-128 pixels, having 65K colors. The quality of the screen and picture is quite good but it becomes indecipherable the moment it is under direct sunlight.


The keypad is made in ledges, and is large enough, this makes it very comfort able for you to handle. The radio can be activated by pressing the star key for a little longer time. But comparatively you will find that the navigational keys are smaller. The two functional keys has the left one is dedicated to the menu, while the right one can be used just about for any function, even to lock the keyboard. The keys are white and bright making it easy for the user to read the legible key captions.


The phone uses quite a powerful Li-Ion battery at 970 mAh, and has a specified 300 hours of standby and 3 hours of call mode time. The battery can sustain up to 2 hours of game play.

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