To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Summary - Chapter 17

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First Witness Interrogation, Heck Tate: Summary of To Kill a Mockingbird Summary -- Chapter 17

Judge Taylor presides during the court case and during the first witness interrogation, Atticus finds many holes in the testimony that Tom actually raped Mayella. The sheriff was the first person outside the Ewell family who saw Mayella after the rape incident. Atticus begins to prove that Tom did not beat and raped the white woman. The crowd cannot tell yet the direction of Atticus form of questioning but he successfully presents that two strong hands actually bruised the right eye and throat of Mayella.

Bob Ewell Testifies: To Kill a Mockingbird Summary -- Chapter 17

The next witness is Bob Ewell, Mayella's father. Bob invited Heck to visit their house to see Mayella whom he said Tom raped. Bob lacks education because he comes from a poor family, which explains much about his mean attitude. Bob admits that no doctor performed a medical check on Mayella at the day of the rape incident because it is expensive and he does not see its importance. Jem could see where Atticus questions are directing the crowd and the Judge Taylor.

Bob Ewell Beat Mayella?: To Kill a Mockingbird Plot Summary -- Chapter 17

It is clear that Bob Ewell had beaten Mayella and then blamed Tom for his actions. Bob signs his testimony and the judge observed that he uses his left hand in writing. It is evident that a left-handed man could inflict so much bruise on the right side of the victim's face and neck. The victim's bruises were mostly on the right side of the face, which includes the eye and the throat. Atticus cross-examination with Bob is brief. Scout cannot see the direction of his father's questioning, looks at Tom Robinson, and thinks he is a big, strong man who can easily hurt the white woman.

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