How To Get Over Stage Fright

by Rick Lee - Date: 2009-09-22 - Word Count: 291 Share This!

Many of us have experienced shaky legs, jittery hands and quivering lips while being on stage. In fact many of us donīt participate in any stage activities because of fear of embarrassment.

But this isnīt the right way to deal with stage fright. Fear is in our mind and the moment we face it head-on it will vanish. The first step in dealing with stage fright is developing a positive outlook.

Itīs important that we keep resonating positive phrases in our minds as this will not just help in finishing our act well but will also help in getting rid of fear.

If the job at hand is to play a role, then make sure that you have rehearsed your lines by-heart. If the ambiance and the people get to you in the last minute then make sure that your last few practice sessions take place in the venue itself.

This will give you a real picture of how the ambience is going to look on the d-day and you will also know how your audience will be seated.

All this will equip you better for a flawless performance.

It will also help if you put on the micro-phones and practice. Most of the times what happens during live performances is that due to some technical errors people donīt get to hear the dialogues well.

This can cause confusion among audience which in turn can divert your attention and badly affect your performance. Make sure to check your dress-fittings, make-up and all other details twice before the final act.

All this will increase your confidence and you will be more than happy to appear on stage. Few hours before the act stop practicing.

Relax and enjoy the experience. This will show in your act and the applause will be worthwhile.

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