A 17 Year Old Makes $10,000 On The Internet - Monthly

by K.B. Michell - Date: 2006-12-29 - Word Count: 884 Share This!

Now, before I tell you this story, I would like to let you know that what I'm about to express is real. I have received consent, from the now 19 year old young man, Seth, and I can tell you this story in good conscience. This being said, whether you believe it or not, what I'm about to tell is still true, and he still made the money. In addition, I would like to say that I once read somewhere that Digg users have an attention span of something around 3 minutes. Being a Digg user myself, I totally disagree with that remark. And so of course I would like nothing more than for you to prove the jerk who said that wrong, and fully read my article, and watch my animated clip at the end. Let us begin.

It all began two years ago, when I was fresh out of college. I was in need of some type of income until I started my career in my selected field, graphic arts. Needing money fast, I decided to turn to the internet. I knew of its potential to make savvy minded individuals nice sums of money. As time went on, I found a business that looked very promising, and different from the rest. I decided to go ahead and invest in it. A couple months after I started marketing my business, I got an email from a person who seemed to desperately need to earn money. I wrote back to him saying that this was the business for him, and that he had the potential to make a pretty nice income off of it. I told him that it would cost less than a magazine subscription. After asking a few more questions, he was eager to sign up, and did. I gave him all the instructions and he was off on his way.

Nearly a month later, he left a message on my answering machine. It said he had good news. After I called him back and got his answering machine, I caught up with him on the AIM ( AOL Instant Messenger). He told me how he had followed the instructions and that he had made just over $5,000 dollars. Prior to him signing up, I was only earning 2000 and something dollars, per month. But once he signed up, I made a dollar for every dollar he made. I was up to over $7000 per month. So I congratulated him and asked if he needed anything else. He said no, and then thanked me for everything. Just as I was about to close the IM, he wrote that he hadn't been honest about something. I told him to tell me what he was talking about. That's when I found out Seth was only a 17 years old, and he had was earning himself, and myself $5,000, monthly, and in less time than I, 21 years old, had earned myself $2,000. I was elated. So we kept in touch, and about three weeks or so after that, he took it up to just over $11,000 monthly. Which was over $13,000 for me. Surely you'd like to know why I'm sharing this with you. I share this with you as an example of how simple this business is.

This is NOT SPAM! I repeat this is NOT SPAM! This is merely an opportunity for you to earn as much as the biggests earners on the web. Two years ago, our beloved Digg was just an infant, a baby amongst other social gathering sites. Now what Kevin has done with Digg is great, and I do mean GREAT (I'm a HUGE fan), but the users of Digg, and any other social gathering sites should also reap some type of financial benefit. What am I talking about? Not too long ago, I read a story on Digg. It was about some of the top money makers on the internet, and guess who was featured #2. That's right, Kevin himself, raking in a whopping $250,000 per month. I tip my hat to him, I really do, but he doesn't have to be the only one making money off Digg. You can too.

You can, simply by having friends The business I've been speaking about this entire time involves the power of friends and duplication. Just imagine. Wouldn't it be great if the friends and users of Digg, myspace, and del.icio.us could make money together. It's real simple, get 10 people and you earn $10,000-oops, I'm getting ahead of myself. But do you see how easy these social gathering sites have made this business. I'm done telling you the Seth's story, and I'm not going to explain the business any further, because I have an animated clip (yes, I'm serious) that will do that for me. So do me a favor, and click the link below. Fill in your name and email address and watch my video. Think it over and decide if you have enough friends to actually make money like Kevin and a lot of others on the internet. Oh, and if you don't want to make money over the web, then don't waste your time. This also applies to those who don't think they can get friends to make money too. See ya' when I see ya'.

Copyright 2006 K.B. Michell

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