How To Become A Best Selling Author

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If you're planning on writing nonfiction, then the first question you have to ask is whether or not you think yourself capable of embarking on this trying yet rewarding journey. With general non-fiction, there will always be space for a good new non-fiction book in the market. So, what makes a non-fiction book a best seller? Firstly, your book should be able to attract a considerable amount of readers; it has to be something that is new and interesting, preferably a topic that no one else has broached. Or, if you're writing on a topic that isn't new, then you should come up something that's new and interesting to contribute to the whole concept.

So, why write non-fiction? Having your own non-fiction book published still holds a certain distinction and people generally associate a book author as someone who is an expert on the subject. If used the right way, your book can act as a helpful PR tool. But, don't ever make the mistake of thinking that you can retire to the Caribbean's on the proceeds of its sales.

Here are a few tips on how to become a best selling author:

Choose a good title for your book - The title is one of the most important aspects for marketing your book. With non-fiction books, like every other form of marketing communication, the title of the book has to suggest some kind of benefit to its readers. It's the title that draws everyone's attention to the book, whether it is placed in a bookstore or whether it is available online. So, make sure you come up with something that's catchy and interesting. Sub-headings are also very fashionable and work quite well.

Writing your own book - If writing your first book seems like a daunting prospect, then you should probably approach this task in a methodical manner. Don't think of your book as a tough project. Think of it as a fun activity. As you start working through the book, you will get a stronger sense of achievement, as the completion of each chapter will seem like you've overcome a major milestone.

Planning the book - While planning the outline of the book, never rush it. Carry a notepad around with you so that you can jot down little ideas and other forms of inspiration. With non-fiction, it always helps to work to a closely defined structure. Spend time planning the chapters and make sure they all run in the right order. If you need research material, you must first assemble it and then file it under each chapter.

Write it up - Now that all your work is done, you need to take the plunge and get started. Since you have mapped out the subject matter carefully, you'll find it easier to start writing. Your job comes down to linking and smoothing out the plot, rather than having to think of what the next chapter will contain. Once you've finished your final chapter, take some time off from the writing project. Go through your work and make the necessary changes.

In reality, most publishers don't really do a good job of marketing books. This can be really annoying when you consider that they take the lion's share of the proceeds from the sales. So, you have two choices for effective marketing of your book:

Hire a good publicist - This is quite a popular option amongst the famous public speakers and business gurus who don't have the time but have the money to get the job done.

DIY - Do it yourself! You can market your book without really spending a lot of money.

So, whether you're writing career books or you are writing memoirs, these few marketing and writing techniques should go a long way in helping your writing career get kick started. So, if it's a bestseller status that you're looking out for, remember that it isn't too hard to get. With the right methods and the right style of writing, your first no-fiction book should be a blooming success. The New York Bestseller List couldn't ask for more!

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