Recession Causes Permanent Changes In The Economy

by Jennifer Wirt - Date: 2009-11-24 - Word Count: 535 Share This!

I recently read an article in Time magazine (Sept. 18 issue) about how our economy is changing as a result of the downturn. Many of the companies that laid people off have realized that they can function without those jobs. They are more profitable. They are "lean and mean". Those jobs are gone. They no longer exist.

A recent CBS news statistic: in most recessions, 45% of jobs lost don't return; in this recession so far, 50% of jobs lost won't return. That's half of all jobs lost.

Unemployment has now grown to 10.2% nationally. Underemployment--the percentage of people who have given up on finding a job--is now almost 18%. The prediction is for unemployment to rise to 11% by next spring. They are saying the recession is ending but when do people start to feel prosperous again?

People need to realize that having a job is no guarantee of prosperity. You are handing control over your financial future to an entity that cares only for their bottom line. To regain control over your future you should look into starting a business. A business will allow you to become financially free, independent and secure.

You can build a business part-time while you continue to work at a job. Consider your business as an asset that gradually increases in value over time. It is not "get rich quick". You can put 5-10 hours per week toward building something that in a few years can pay you significantly for the rest of your life.

A business can also replace your job. I enjoy my business so much more than what I used to do. My business allows me to help people which is close to my heart. I became isolated from people in my job. It began to feel like a very bad fit.

A business can also be a source of personal growth. I have mentors that have built significant businesses and are available to help whenever I ask. My business allows me to teach and train, while building leadership skills. I earn while I learn! I love people and I get to talk to new people about this opportunity every day! It is a source of joy for me!

One caveat: be sure the business you choose is a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association). The DSA is a watchdog organization over direct selling companies. They subscribe to the highest ethics and integrity for the companies that are members. There are only about 300 companies in the DSA while there are several thousand direct selling companies. It provides protection for you when deciding on a business.

Abundance and prosperity are our natural states. You are qualified to have abundance and prosperity just by being here. By simply being you. Know that this is true. If you can't achieve abundance and prosperity in your job working for someone else then take action. Regain your natural state of prosperity and abundance by allowing yourself to become financially independent.

Give yourself the gift of taking back control of your future. Restore your natural states of abundance and prosperity. Explore your choices in terms of a business. You are certain to find something that will bring you joy as well!

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