10 Steps To Garden Prep Success!

by Chris DeClute - Date: 2007-04-12 - Word Count: 498 Share This!

With Spring Cleaning out of the way (yay!) many people are making the natural transition from cleaning dirt, to getting dirty, you know who you are - the ever tireless, gardener.

It was long ago when nature made its seamless transition from environmental inspiration to art under foot. The weavers of Persia took their appreciation for the naturally occurring beauty of the florals surrounding them and transferred them to a timeless work of art, known as the Oriental/Persian Rug.

Today that inspiration is still prevalent it's just less of a natural occurrence and more of a strategic battle pitting you against barren landscape. The key to success is simple, preparation. There is a lot of work that goes into those relaxing retreats we see in the magazines, ironic isn't?

Have no fear; this 10-step start up plan can organize your ideas to have you fully prepared to play in the dirt when the frost goes away.

1. Make a plan, is it veggies or flowers, perennials or annuals, once you've decided take notes, if you are new to this game of gardening or are trying a different variety than you should track the progress for next year. Big time-saver!
2. Structures and Furniture: So much to choose from: outdoor rugs, sculpture, decks, patios, bird feeder, fountains, statues, walls, pergolas, trellises, gazebos, gazing globes, benches. Where will they be placed? What material will they be (iron, wood)? Remember not to overdo the accessories, go easy on those garden gnomes!
3. Cost: is there a move in your future? If so, opt into a low cost, quick-growing plant variety to suit your design plan.
4. Utility space or decoration: Are you designing the garden to provide a play space for children, a barbecue, or swimming pool? Is there a spot allocated to where you can sit and enjoy your hard work (garden)?
5. Note the sun / shade time for your selected area, this is information you will need when shopping for foliage
6. Trees - pruned or completely sacrificed / Hedge - cut back / Fence - moved to let more light into the garden.
7. Water: Outdoor storage most accommodating to your needs. Are there water shortages in your area, checkout the rules on that.
8. Start collecting big plastic containers and boxes. These will be useful for coverage when an unexpected cold snap comes after you've planted your babies. Don't fool yourself, it can and most likely will happen!
9. Take your tools in to be sharpened, this will make a huge difference when you're out there slugging away at what appears to be a section of krypton-like dirt! Or better yet buy new ones.
10. Maintenance upkeep: How much time are you willing to put into looking after the garden? Be honest! This forward thinking will help you choose which plants are suitable for your zone, and whether they are low maintenance or high-upkeep!

Take care of YOU, don't forget to stock up on the bug spray, band-aids and sunscreen as all these items are indispensable for a comfortable working environment.
Truly this is a labor of love that gives back ten-fold, enjoy.

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