Geeks Who?

by Hamid hameed - Date: 2008-11-26 - Word Count: 247 Share This!

Geeks are characterized by the tools they use. What all one should have to qualify to be called geek? Answer depends on whom you are asking.

Generally speaking, a geek should have a notebook (laptop) that helps them compute and do some other things anywhere. Of course the laptop should be Wi-Fi and Bluetooth supported. The laptop alone may not be enough so they must have flash drive(s). A small size keeps the hard disk portable; the capacity should match individual needs.

Geek should also have a mobile phone. By the way, the mobile phone isn't only required for geeks, but for anyone living in the fast lane of life today. The geeky cell phone must have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in addition to higher end model earphones that let them hear the awesome bass almost always lacking in external speakers. The earphones may not necessarily be tinny to fit their ears. They may go over them comfortably. Geeks may not be conventional travelers, but they must carry a camera; Compact size and long battery life would do fine. Through in some more like portable gaming console and a visible tattoo or two on the body to perfectly fit in the stereotype p.

These are the few products one needs to have to look like a geek. You can add even more. Thanks to new trends that geek apparel, gifts, and other geek gear including geek clothing's, geek jewelry and a lot more is available. Search the net.

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