The Great Art Pitch: Educate the Parents on the Benefits of Art

by RivkyShimon - Date: 2006-12-23 - Word Count: 415 Share This!

Schools are struggling and art is the answer. If you are interested in starting your own art workshop center, that's the pitch you would want to give to the parents. As they become increasingly helpless to find the resources their kids need, your answer to their problems is the balm that soothes all ailments.

Schools graduate a high rate of students who can't even read or write. Parents rely on schools to be able to at least accomplish that much. So, politicians have stepped in to solve the problem. Schools are mandated to meet certain requirements or state and federal money is cut. This reduces a school's task to worry about meeting state minimum requirements rather than just simply concentrating on the kids.

As schools fail miserably to give kids what they need and parents expect, you can turn that situation around. Of course art workshops benefit people of all ages, but part of your marketing campaign should be to remind parents about the failing situation of the schools, educate parents on the benefits of art and to give them the solution.

Did you know that schools are seriously considering cutting the arts from their schools? Some initiatives exist motivated by the notion that art is extra-curricular and should not be included in the curriculum during a school day. These initiatives believe that teaching reading, writing and arithmetic are the only mission for schools. So, as the entrepreneur opening up your own art workshop center, it would be a good public service for you to educate parents on the need for art to increase student cognitive ability, personal awareness and problem solving.

Think that through! If schools are cutting art in their curriculum, what are parents to do? That's when you let them know that your art workshop fills in the gaps where education fails them. Parents will think you deserve to be nominated for a Nobel Prize Laureate. And following in the footsteps of all of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world, you will have created the need and supplied the solution. Maybe you do deserve a Nobel Prize!

Parents aren't very aware of the problems schools face. We spend more money on the military than we do on education. Our schools have books that are ten years old. But, art is fluid. It is ever changing. In the mind of the artist, it spawns reflection and a higher level of thinking. Art can do wonders for a child struggling in school and parents to need to know that.

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An internationally known artist as well as a mother of six, Rivky Shimon founded Rivky's Art Workshop in New York. Rivky's step-by-step method for teaching children how to create and enjoy art has earned high praise from students, teachers and parents alike. Through her new training series, Rivky plans to teach artists from across the country how to duplicate her success. Not only to ensure that art education remains a vital part of every child's life, but also to enforce the reality that "The Rivky Method" tm works the same magic for adults as well.

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