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by ZYZY WANG - Date: 2010-08-11 - Word Count: 1142 Share This!

With Olympics Will become increasingly close, "Green Olympics, Olympic civilization" and other Olympic public service announcement has reached its climax. From the IOC announced that Beijing 2008 Olympic Games host city for the day, the Chinese Olympic Committee for different people, different nationalities, different cultures, different ages of various forms of propaganda woven Olympic propaganda thrown into every corner of the net, in a relatively short time, the people understand the Olympic knowledge, establish a strong sense of the Olympic Games. Public service announcement forms from each Olympic Games and activities, we can easily find the Olympic campaign in the public to correctly handle the relationship between inheritance and innovation, use of Olympic propaganda is full of vigor and vitality. Olympic public service announcement for the successful experience in many aspects should be given to typical fire safety publicity and education played a role.

National Fire public education is to improve the basic fire safety awareness. In recent years, the state and public education around the fire made a lot of work, but the effect is not obvious, the city fire lagging infrastructure, enterprises and institutions of disasters remains a serious, public fire knowledge is weak, will not prevent fire, do not alarm and escape evacuation is still widespread. Fire public education and socio-economic development and people lag needs. Innovation is the soul of a nation is a source for career development. Facing a new situation and new tasks, fire publicity and education work must innovate. Only innovation, and fire control propaganda and education work will be full of vigor and vitality, can better meet the people and the economic and social development needs.

A fire publicity and education the importance of innovation. First, building a harmonious society, the need for innovative fire prevention education. Building a socialist harmonious society is our party thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, from the overall layout of the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics and the overall situation of building a moderately prosperous society of a major strategic task proposed. Harmonious society, is that the people live and work in the community. At present, China is in a critical period of reform and development, but also highlights the various incidents of fire. Resolve development conflicts and problems need to further strengthen fire the awareness of fire safety prevention and control capabilities of social. This calls for fire prevention education innovation, adapting to the new situation and new requirements for building harmonious society and create a favorable environment for fire safety. Second, to promote fire prevention in-depth development of the need for innovative fire prevention education. Can not do without any of the development of innovation, no innovation there is no activity. Years of fire prevention education showed that only meet the needs of the people, promote the cause of the fire to follow the objective law of development, with economic, political, cultural, and social development, adhere to work creatively, fire control propaganda and education to better serve the economic development, harmonious society and make positive contributions. This requires us to raise awareness and carry it out, in practice, adhere to innovation and progress, and constantly improve their work.

2, fire publicity and education elements of innovation. First, focus on innovation and work ethic. Further strengthen the people-oriented concept. To protect and safeguard and develop the fundamental interests of the majority of the people as a fire control propaganda and education, the starting point and final goal of efforts to improve the quality of people's fire safety. Pay attention to arouse the people's awareness of school fire of knowledge, respect for the people in the fire in the main role of public education, relying on the people doing fire prevention education. Further enhance service concept. Insist on propaganda and education in fire service people to the people most concerned about, the most direct and practical focus on issues of interest, to do everything for the masses, all of the masses. Further strengthen fire prevention and fire skills training in the concept. Advocacy skills to promote fire safety to fire training to skills training to strengthen and upgrade fire prevention. Carried out rich, diverse public education programs will fire, the fire prevention education into people's daily life. Second, continuously enriched form of publicity and propaganda carriers. Innovative ways and means of propaganda, is to continuously improve the fire safety publicity and education targeted, effective objective requirements. Publicizing good at using the law to educate the fire, the fire service throughout all aspects of public education, necessary to use the classic case of education, interpretation of legal knowledge, warning illegal consequences, to be good at playing the role of mass media, make full use of radio, television, newspapers , Internet and other types of media law publicity and education, propaganda and education continue to improve fire coverage and penetration, should be good to play the Educational Function of the fire arts, to create more art works that people can fire works, so that the masses enjoy the fire in the literary works imperceptible by the process of legal education. The large-scale integrated campaign combined with the daily process of education, research to establish fire prevention, "Wu Jin" activities long-term mechanism. Implementation " 119 "National Fire Awareness Day brand strategy, good planning, integration of resources, innovative forms, the" 119 "series of publicity activities to do real, strong, and make fine, give full play to their brand. The third is to actively promote institutional innovation. With the fire control propaganda and education work continuously in depth, persist in innovation, essential to the establishment of long-term working mechanism. the fire in the propaganda and education in recent years formed a government leadership, the whole society to participate in the work of the advance mechanism. Facing the new situation and new task, we must actively promote fire safety publicity and education system and mechanism innovation. public security fire control institutions in the performance of fire control propaganda and education responsibilities, we must integrate social resources and mobilize the industry adhere to the law control the fire safety hazards initiative to promote the industry, fire deepening of the work, improve fire safety standards throughout society. give full play to the fire news, fire art, columns and fire supervisors and other professional personnel, and guide young people to the fire service volunteers to take part in publicity and education work to continuously improve the government-led, community wide parties participate in the working mechanism. at work to establish and improve the responsibility system, strengthen inspection and supervision, improve the examination and assessment system for fire public education, inspection and supervision system to further strengthen the mechanism to ensure funding for fire prevention, fire control propaganda and education to promote the work of stress on the latter, as a whole.

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