Genital Warts Cure, Treatment for Genital Warts

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Concerned about a cure for genital warts? There are few issues more embarrassing to talk to your doctor about. Caused by the human papilloma virus, it is a highly contagious sexually transmitted disease. Estimations are that 80% of the western world will come into contact with the virus  at some time in their life.

Genital warts are a common type of sexually transmitted disease that take the form of small flesh-colored lumps, sometimes very small. In men they grow on the tip and shaft of the penis. In women they can be found on the vulva, in the walls of the vagina, and on the perineal area between the vagina and anus. They can also develop in the throat or mouth of any person who has had oral sex with an infected partner.

Genital warts are a sexually transmitted disease. It is highly infectious and contagious. Although being asymptomatic most of the times, they can be painful and show bleeding or ulcer formation in them. These are clusters or aggregates of papules and lesions seen in genital areas. They may be occurring in external genitalia like penis, scrotum, anus, and vulva and also internally in cervix lining, uterus and vagina. Very rarely they are also found in mouth and throat of those people who have oral sex with infected partner.

There are many treatments for genital warts. You can go for medication or surgery if you have severe genital warts. Most of medication in most cases is applied straight on the infected areas. Freezing genital warts with liquid nitrogen is the most common type of surgery. Electrocautery, surgical excision and laser treatments are also possible but are more expensive."

Genital warts form on the male genitalia, female genitalia (both inside and outside) and near anus. They may appear singly or in a bunch and if allowed untreated, they can grow bigger and appear like cauliflowers. It is better to prevent getting genital warts rather than treating them.

The first method you may want to consider is getting rid of genital warts using a home remedy. Home remedies to get rid of genital warts are simple to use and incorporate all-natural ingredients. Also they have the potential to work more effectively than conventional methods. While over the counter methods, and in office procedures work well in getting rid of genital warts, there is always that pain factor to consider. Also removing warts using an in office surgical procedure can be very expensive.

The therapies for cure of genital warts may be of two types. It might be patient applied or provider applied techniques. Patient applied techniques include topical creams, solutions and gels to be applied on the external genitalia. The constituents used for these patient applied modalities are podofilox, 5-fluorouracil, tricholoroacetic acid, podophyllin and imiquimod. There is a prescribed way of applying these chemicals.

You can consult a gynecologist and dermatologist to find cure for genital warts. They have procedures to deal with it. Cryosurgery or freezing, electrocautery or burning and laser treatment are common treatments for small warts while surgery is also an option to remove large warts. Anti-viral medications and other over the counter and prescription medicines may also give you relief.

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