The Facts You Should Know About Internet Marketing.

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I wakeup this morning and see my lovely wife. She was sleeping and looking like angel. I thought probably I am the luckiest guy in the world. I have a gorgeous wife, a cute doll (my daughter). I have money and time to enjoy life, and I dont need to worry about my future. Suddenly I remember those days when I started Internet marketing.

I can't forget those worst days when I used to work 16 hours a day. I come from my JOB (Just Over Broke) and started working on my computer till 4.00 o'clock in  morning. I had dark circle under my eyes. I had no time for friends, family and even for my love. I did every thing I read and almost exhausted my Credit Card but I couldn't make money.

It happens with almost every newbie's. So the question here “what is the secret of Success in Internet marketing”? The answer is your own OPT-IN LIST and Targeted visitors on your website.

Youve probably heard about “The List” many times. This is the only fact that there is nothing more valuable in your online business than your email list. EVERYTHING you do online should grow your list, even if it's one person at a time.

Think about it... if you've got a list, you can send valuable content, and then create lots of product offers as time goes on. But if you DON'T have a list... it doesn't matter how many offers you create, because NOBODY will see them.

A Proven Fact:
A very crucial element of online marketing is a proven fact that people are likely to do business with those they trust. The best online ways of building trust with a prospect is through e-mail marketing. Give your prospect something valuable and gain there trust.

5 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic for free.

01. JV Partnership:
Youve probably heard about Joint Ventures before. They are one of my biggest sources of traffic. Initially its hard to find JV Partners especially big names because nobody knows you so start with smaller marketers. Don't forget to keep a list of everybody you have had a successful JV with. They know you and they like to work with you in the future.

02. Write Articles and submit to article directories:
Writing articles and submit to article directories is another great method to attract tons of visitors. It takes little time and builds your credibility all over the web. It improves your sites search engine ranking because of link back to your site.

03. Forums:
Forums are the best place to drive targeted Visitors to Your Website. You can also increase your marketing knowledge, make joint ventures and get quick help by joining some marketing forums. If you're serious about building your online business, it's must. Be sure to check out the rules of forum before any posting.

04. Viral Tools:
Viral e-books and reports can drive massive traffic that you cant imagine. Why? Because it's VIRAL. Your reader can customize the book with there affiliate links and giveaway for free. Thats why it spread like a virus all over the net and send traffic to your site.

05. Link exchange:
Link exchange is permanent source of traffic infact it gives you double benefits. You get the traffic from your link on other peoples site and at the same time it pushes up the ranking of your site on search engine.

Pay per Click Search engine is also a good way to get instant and targeted visitors but it's not free. You need to do a lot of homework and make a huge list of relevant keywords before starting or you may burn your hands.

Some Hype you should avoid:

A. Guaranteed 10000 Visitors for $….

You have seen it every where on net. When you buy a package you will come to know that you haven't made a single sale by the time the package runs out. The reason behind it is that they show your site in a small pop-up window and pop-ups are not much effective. The other reason is your site shown in front of untargeted people who are not interested in your product.

B. Blast your ad to over 10 million sites….

There was a time when it really worked but its no longer true. There are so many automatic submitters these days and there's very little chance anyone will ever see your ads.

C. Send your ad to 10million email address….

This type of Marketing Are Now Considered SPAM! And if you are reported for SPAM, you can lose your ISP, website, e-mail account, and much more!

D. Guaranteed Search engine ranking….

Top placement on search engines is a hard task and requires lots of money and time. There are millions of websites across the internet and everyone wants a top search engine ranking. If you are not in Top 20 for your keyword you'll not be getting many visitors.

E. Just Push one Button and get 1000 visitors a day type Software….

Internet is filled with this hype “Targeted traffic at the push of a button”. They show your site at autosurf traffic exchange programs where everybody uses this type of software to gain credits and nobody actually sees your site.

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