Obesity Can Lead To Many Critical Diseases

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Weight gain and loss is all depends upon the difference between the calorie intake and the calorie expenses. Extra calories stored in the body from fats, protein create body fat. Needless fat can create many uncalled for disease such as heart stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

This is a fact that physical exercise can burn only one third of the calories consumed by a normal person.
Calorie spending can be done due to following ways:
1. When the body is at rest, it consumes 60% of the calories to maintain health to power the body to have thousands of chemical reactions for temperature, cell repair, cardiovascular systems etc. This rate is calculated when a person is at sleep for 24 hours 12 hours after the last meal taken ensuring that digestive system was inactive not burning calories for digesting food.
2. Physical activity can be helpful in burning 30% of calorie intake.
3. This is well known fact that 10% of calories is burned for digesting food.

Weight loss diet pill Defined
Diet pills is the easiest solution to bring a speedy solution to above problem.
The weight loss institute has carry out an extensive research on the use of different diet pills available in the market. They have given rating, value and tolerance for the various products. Alli Diet Pill is the new diet pill which has highest rating, value and existence at this time.
Acomplia comes next. Other diet pills are Phentermine, Xenical, Bontril, and Meridia.
Weight Loss Institute has guided many persons of both sexes to choose the best diet pill with a well known weight loss program.

The new OTC Pill
Alli is the new OTC pill that is really very popular these days. This is the pill being approved by FDA. As it's a OTC pill this medicine is easily available on internet also.

Prescription diet pill
These pills are suitable for those persons who are 30% over their ideal weight.
Persons who have high blood pressure or diabetes are fit for prescription diet pill according to National Institute of health. No product should be tried which are unregulated, untested and unproven as it may prove to be harmful. Even the most effective diet pills should be in use for a short period of time-usually six months or less. After six months body gets in tune to these drugs and no further weight loss takes place. At this stage diet control and exercise can help in reducing body weight.

As obesity is one of the major problems in these days. As we know obesity can lead to many critical diseases .Hence all attempts should be made to control the body weight a short course of diet pills followed by exercise can solve the problem of over weight on a long term basis. .

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