Sql Farms Helps Virtualization Providers Get Performance Metrics From Remote Sql Server Environments

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Reston, VA - August 31st 2007-- SQL Farms, Inc. announced earlier today a new technology and redistributable offerings to collect performance metrics and query data from remote SQL Server environments and data centers, without any remote installations or footprint. The new offerings aim to assist virtualization providers to troubleshoot and get data from all databases and SQL server instances in remote customer locations. The new technology is based on SQL Farms' distributed querying and parallel database access features that allow users to run queries against many databases and servers and receive a single aggregated result set from all data sources.

The redistributable offerings and licenses provide virtualization vendors with a turn-key solution for remote data collection. Using this technology, virtualization vendors can write custom queries to retrieve data from SQL server instances on the customer site, and then ship the code together with SQL Farms' redistributable components to the end user. Remote users update a single file to point to the appropriate databases and servers, and then run one line command. In addition, remote users have access to the code and queries to guarantee complete visibility and transparency. Results from all databases and servers are automatically collected, aggregated, and saved in one proprietary file that is returned to the virtualization provider. The results can be viewed, edited, or saved to databases in the virtualization vendor's infrastructure for further debugging and processing.

"Our latest offerings provide virtualization vendors with eyes and ears at remote customer sites. When customers ask their virtualization provider to check the virtualized SQL Servers and instances they can now pass data, performance metrics, execution plans, or any other information from their IT environment to the vendor", said Thomas Goff, CTO of SQL Farms. He added, "There is no need to install anything on the remote customer site and our redistributable components do not have any footprint. All the components are light-weight, 100% portable and secure, and they use the active directory or SQL login settings that are already in place thereby providing an agile solution to transfer SQL Server related information and data between disconnected networks".

The redistributable components and offerings for virtualization providers are now available as part of SQL Farm Combine 1.9, the latest release of SQL Farms' flagship product. As part of the launch, the company has initiated a partnership program for virtualization providers to help their customers automate SQL Server deployment processes, rollouts, and administration tasks.

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