Lasting Longer in Bed - 8 Tips for Better Sex

by Sacha Tarkovsky - Date: 2006-12-28 - Word Count: 629 Share This!

Do you worry about your performance in bed - That you can't achieve the satisfaction you want or find that you cannot satisfy your partner?

If so, this article is for you and will help you last longer in bed and achieve greater pleasure for both you and your partner.

The major point to keep in mind with sex is that it is an intense emotional and physical experience and to achieve great sex your mind and body need to work together.

1. Relax

If you feel under pressure to perform, anxiety will definitely affect your performance and you will end up trying to hard and will fail to achieve satisfaction for both you and your partner.

Not being relaxed is a total passion killer.

For good sex and lasting longer in bed, you need to be totally relaxed, free your mind and concentrate only on the sexual act.

2. Go Slowly

The number one way to last longer in bed is simply to go slower.

Not only will this help you relax, it will make your body and your partners more responsive to touch.

Take it all slowly (not just the sex act) but also all the foreplay that precedes the act of sex.

This will help relax and connect you to your partner and let sexual energy flow free.

3. Deepen your breathing.

Breathing correctly is a great way to connect ourselves with our bodies (this has been used for centuries in Eastern society) and to relax and achieve connection between mind, body and soul and you should use it to.

Try deep slow breathing in rhythm with your partner's breathing. This simple tip will give huge pleasure to both of you.

4. The whole experience is important

Sex is not about simply achieving orgasm. It is about the whole experience and all the pleasure that precedes the final ending.

The most important element of sex is the overall experience not just achieving orgasm.

Sex gives us pleasure in numerous ways and our bodies simply love the whole experience.

5. Communicate With Your Partner

Don't be afraid to ask your partner what she likes and you should do the same with her.

Keep in mind all people are different. we have certain acts that turn us on and turn us off, so it's important to know what gives each of you pleasure.

Every time you have sex you should try new and different things and improve on the things you have learned.

Many partners never satisfy themselves or their partners. This is simply down to a lack of communication.

6. Guilt

If for any reason you attach shame or guilt to sex, you will not feel relaxed and will not achieve satisfaction.

Sex is one of the great gifts to you and everyone and should be enjoyed.

Focus only on the positive aspects (and there are many) and you will achieve love and satisfaction.

7. Feelings From Within

Sex is both a physical and emotional experience and you need to feel both.

Let your consciousness move from your mind to your body and focus on feeling your sexual energy coming from within your being.

You will then are focused purely on sexual union and the pleasure and free your mind from all other thoughts.

8. Good Sex Can take Time

There is a lot to learn about sex the best positions, foreplay etc and we have covered them in our other articles (sorry not enough room here!) but to conclude, you can learn a lot about your body and your partners and this will enhance your sex life.

Good sex can take time and all men are capable of lasting longer in bed.

Sure, you may need a bit of practice and some time to achieve satisfaction with your partner, but the practice will be fun!

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