A42MX16-PQ100 Alcatel MX Family FPGA

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A42MX16-PQ100 Alcatel MX Family FPGA

A42MX16-PQ100 is one of Actel's MX Family FPGAs. It is a single-chip ASIC alternative with 24,000 system gates, has a plastic quad flat pack with package lead count of 100 and is available in Commercial, Industrial, Automotive and Military versions. A42MX16-PQ100 offers varying temperature ranges such as Commercial -0 to +70°C; Industrial --40 to +85°C; Military --55 to +125°C; and Automotive --40 to +125°C.

The specification of A42MX16-PQ100 is as follows; System Gates - 24000, Logic Modules; Sequential - 624, Combinatorial - 608, Clock-to-Out - 6.1 ns, Dedicated Flip-Flops - 624, Maximum Flip-Flops -928, Clocks - 2 and User I/O (maximum) - 140. It ensures high performance and also shortens the system design and development cycle. It can integrate and consolidate logic implemented in multiple PALs, CPLDs, and FPGAs.

Design of A42MX16-PQ100 is based on Actel's patented antifuse technology implemented in a 0.45µm triplemetal CMOS process. It is made of fine-grained building blocks that enable fast and efficient logic designs. It is composed of logic modules, I/O modules, routing resources and clock networks. One the advantage of A42MX16-PQ100 is that no dedicated hard-wired latches or flip-flops are required in the array. The latches and flipflops can be constructed from logic modules whenever required in the application.

A42MX16-PQ100 has low internal signal skew for high performance between modules and a tuned clock buffer for high-speed clock-to-output operation. It is optimized for low noise, and optimal I/O thresholds. Actel's non-volatile antifuse technology ensures that the devices retain their configuration indefinitely as well as equips it better for protection against design copying and pirating. Designers do not have to worry about storing the configuration data in an external component.

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