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by CORINA VOLEGNA - Date: 2008-10-20 - Word Count: 598 Share This!

Buying a gift can be a headache. You can spend hours searching for something that will be really nice, and the aggravation and exhaustion can be horrible. But all is not hopeless; one great idea is to get your recipient a stuffed animal. This can be a nice gift for either a child or an adult. Read on to find out more.

No one would argue that kids love toys. Obviously, a plush animal would be great gift for them, but as an extra bonus it can also be educational. While a teddy bear is always nice, it might be to their benefit to get them something a little more unusual, such as some kind of forest animal. You could get them a stuffed moose or a plush wolf, and this would educate them on the features of these animals, and maybe even spur them on to learn more. With the moose, they will begin to understand that it is a distinct animal from a male deer. With the wolf, they will finally begin to understand that there is a relationship between wild dogs and wolves, as they have very similar features. Or, you could give them a chipmunk and then follow up the gift with a trip to the park. This would give them the opportunity to identify squirrels and chipmunks as two distinct and separate entities, and could be a lot of fun!

Finding something for adults can be even harder, especially if you want something more than candles or their preferred perfume. A stuffed animal can be a fun gift for adults too. They are a great collector's item, or can be a good piece with which to decorate the home. Vacation homes can be an especially good place to decorate with a stuffed animal, because it can help create a unifying theme. Let's say you're getting a gift for someone who has a summer home in the mountains, get them a plush fox or a stuffed squirrel. Or maybe they have a beach house. In that case, get them a plush dolphin, or maybe a stuffed seagull. Get them a toy big enough to really draw the eye, and they could place it somewhere centrally located, like the couch. This can really authenticate their décor theme!

It's also possible to give a stuffed animal to a close friend, and make the gift incredibly personal. Identify a defining trait that person has, and get a plush toy to personify their personality. For example, say your friend is a sweet talker who steals women's hearts, get him a raccoon. These animals are often called the "Romeo" of the forest with their bandit mask markings. Or maybe your close friend is fun and energetic: get them a lively stuffed monkey. This kind of gift is sure to amuse everyone who knows them.

For these reasons, plush toys can really be a fun, and meaningful, gift. Not only are they snuggly enough for kids to play with, but they also can teach them, and motivate them to learn, about animals and the natural world. For adults, they are either great collector's items or fun home décor. As for your close friends, they can really be a good way to encapsulate their personality. Remember, whenever you have an occasion to get a gift, think first about stuffed animals. It may save you time, and a headache!

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