Who Says Losing Fat is Hard? - Try These and You'll be Losing Fat Automatically

by Lara Lee - Date: 2008-09-18 - Word Count: 349 Share This!

Tip number one: instead of eating three big meals, breakfast with pancakes, lunch with all kinds of junk food, and dinner so huge that you can not go to sleep at night. Avoid eating such food. Distribute your eating meals in at around six meals a day. Each time you will eat something your metabolism will get faster. Try having breakfast, then a small snack, followed by lunch, then a snack, then dinner. You can also have a small snack preferably a serving of fruit before going off to sleep.

Tip number two: drink a lot of water. Now here is a tip. Drinking cold water will make your fat more hard to get rid of. Of drink of Luke warm water or water on room temperature. Drink at least thirteen to fourteen glass of water every single day to get rid of the excess toxins from your body.

Tip number three: burn extra calories by just running errands. So if you avoid climbing the stairs or taking the staircase, then try doing that. Every little move you make you will be losing extra calories and burning fat. I mean it is easy to press the button the elevator but, how about climbing a few stairs you don't mind. If that seems like too much of a hassle start with one floor at a time. For instance if your office or apartment is on floor 8 get off on floor 7 or maybe 6 and climb the two floors not a bad idea?

Order smartly: so if you are eating out with your friends, make sure you read the menu carefully and make the restaurant people make modifications for you. Order salad, and other fulfilling foods before you order your steak. Do not get any extra sides, or dressings. Those are all extra calories which will show off on your body.

Eat Fiber everyday: you need to make sure you are eating enough fiber every single day, have a fiber based breakfast, or make sure you have your veggies since they are all laden with fiber. Do not skip fiber from your meals.

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