Promotional Umbrellas And The Hospitality Industry

by Gareth Parkin - Date: 2007-07-24 - Word Count: 523 Share This!

The hospitality industry - hotels, resorts, inns, bed and breakfasts and all the assorted services and businesses that support them - often offer promotional items as incentives to their customers and clients. There are, however, many ways that promotional products can be used within the hospitality industry that don't involve giveaways. Printed promotional umbrellas are just one example of promotional gifts that can be used in many ways to further the brand and image of a business in the hospitality industry.

Promotional umbrellas are one of the most underrated useful items that most of us are sorry to be caught without. Having an umbrella to hand when the skies open up is a blessing - and if your business is the one that supplied that blessing, you'll get to share in it. If you're one of many hotels or inns operating in a resort or seaside town, promotional printed umbrellas are an excellent way to increase your visibility locally. Just keep a dozen or so distinctive, well-made printed umbrellas at the check-in desk. When the weather turns ugly outside, offer one to your guests as they leave your establishment. They'll be glad of your thoughtfulness and remember how thoroughly you were prepared for every eventuality. You'll get the added bonus of them sporting your name and logo about town to attract the notice of other possible custom.

Other businesses that might benefit from the same sort of thoughtfulness include:

- Car Hire Firms
Tuck a small, fold-up umbrella into the glove box or the boot of ever car you hire out. Make a note of telling customers that it's there, so that they'll have it to hand if it should rain during the time that they have the car out for hire.
Additional Items: Other items that will also add to your reputation as a car hire company that attend to the details include a printed first aid kit, a small "everyday emergency" kit that includes needle and thread, hand wipes and other useful items, and torch or mag light imprinted with your company name.

- Convention Centers and Event Venues
Many conventions and conferences break at lunch or dinner time for the attendees to get a meal on their own. If they have to leave the building in a pouring rain, they'll be very grateful for the loan of promotional umbrellas to keep them dry outside.
Additional Items: You can build your reputation as a convention center that is prepared for anything when you keep a few promotional items on hand for the odd everyday emergency. A basket of items like printed sewing kits, bleach pens and breath mints in each of your loos will be greatly appreciated when one of your conference attendees has need of them.

When selecting promotional printed umbrellas for this sort of use, be sure to keep quality high on the list. It won't speak well for your business if the umbrella you provide turns inside out at the first gust of wind, or lets the rain through. Choose golf umbrellas for their superior coverage area - and the broad print area that they offer for your business logo.
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