Corrupt Word File Recovery

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There are as many ways to recover the lost data as there are the reasons to lose it. If there are 10 ways to loose data then there are 12 methods to recover back the lost/deleted data.

Generally, a word file gets corrupt due to unexpected system shutdown, power outage, software crashes, file corruption, virus attacks and due to many other endless reasons.

The in-built recovery facility in MS Word helps you to recover the minor corrupted files.

MS Word allows you to create a backup copy of your work every time you save the file, which can be easily accessed in case if the .doc file gets corrupt or damaged.

For example, if you are working on a 'Support.doc' in MS Word and you have enabled the backup option, Word will automatically create a backup copy called 'Backup copy of support.doc'. So if in case your document file gets corrupt you can use this backup copy.

To turn on the backup option in MS Word, perform the following steps:

1. Launch MS Word.

2. Click Tools > Options and click the Save tab.

3. Select the Always Create Backup Copy check box.

The AutoRecover feature in Office XP constantly saves data of the file you are working on and helps in undue circumstances of unexpected system shutdown, power failure, software crash where the document automatically gets closed. The next time you launch the application, Word restores the last saved data and presents the recovered file. The "Document Recovery Window" gets open on left side of the document screen with the list of recovered files. Double click the appropriate file or right click and select Save to save it.

As you know that there are uncountable reasons of data loss, apart from the inbuilt recovery measures, which are helpful only in the case of minor corruptions, third party utilities proves even more beneficial to recover the lost data easily and cost effectively.

Kernel Recovery for Word to repair the corrupt word document files software, effectively recovers the deleted and damaged data from the corrupt .doc files. The advanced word recovery software repairs and restores damaged word files after instances of virus attacks, unexpected system shutdowns, media read error and so on.

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