Get a Top Class 2003 Silver Oaks's Twomey Merlot Napa Valley Magnum

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silver oak wine
About silver oak wine

What you may or may not know about Elvis Presley is that his nickname the Mogul thinks of more today than precisely concerning to him having been the Male of Rock n Roll. Indeed, with the advent of silver oak wine, he could be named to as the Magnate or the monarch of the grape as well. In fact, a 2005 monthly number of Wine Business Monthly graded Graceland Cellars (the manufacturer) as the smartest of all the small wine marks of that year in the wine industry.

Signature Wines bottled the very first Vintage of silver oak wine in 2003. However, with the coming of the 2004 Blue Suede Chardonnay and the Mogul Cabernet Sauvignon, these wines speedily commenced operating a retail distribution and engaging shelf space throughout 40 states. In fact, there was a particularized release of some 4,000 cases of their holiday wine, Blue Christmas Cabernet Sauvignon, which sold out within days of attaining the shelves that November. Suffice it to say, silver oak wine have been widely received since their origination.

The Motleys Accessible

There are three principal Multifariousnesses of the Graceland Cellars silver oak wine and they are all Procurable in cases very much if exacted. All you exact to do is confabulate with the retail merchant in your sphere that admits the mark should you wish more data on the discipline. We have named these three crucial Motleys as follows:

Blue Suede Chardonnay a brilliant California Chardonnay with a flavourful combining of apple, citrus, floral, and pear perfumes. The aroma is then followed by a beautiful response to what smacks similar apple pie combined with apricot, fig, and peach relishes. It is complete off with gentle and toasty hints of butter and vanilla inducing this a delicately balanced Chardonnay.

Jailhouse Red Merlot a California merlot that is both resilient and tender, having an aroma that is much like a blending of diverse berries and a miscellany of herbs. This Merlot sports elaborated varietal characteristics such as green olives, red currants, sage, and wild berries. Its toasty smack can be ascribed to the manner it is matured in French barrels which produces the delicate however flexible flavoring and tannins of a Merlot. It is a medium-bodied wine that is pleasurable for wine trying companies or for a glass to sip from.

The Mogul Cabernet Sauvignon its ruby-red, resounding color makes this a welcome addition to any wine assemblage or inventory. This is a juicy, galore, and ripe wine that has an intensely fragrant merge of blackberry, black cherry, and currant flavorings. It is calm and however it features a toasty oak fragrance accentuated by a hint of spices and some passably dry tannins. This is emphatically one of the calmer finishes of a general Cabernet Sauvignon.

On a ending mention, despite the fact that it taken a few years, silver oak wine attained prize acquiring position and brought in three medals - 1 bronze, 1 silver, and 1 gold in 2004. In addition to their latest product line, Graceland Cellars also owns the Elvis Presley Private Assemblage whose labels picture various scenes of the Tycoon.

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