Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

by Vicki Duong - Date: 2007-06-29 - Word Count: 358 Share This!

When someone thinks of solar powered outdoor lighting, the first thought that comes to mind are usually the solar panels that charge up in the sunlight, providing electricity to a building. While this is common, solar powered outdoor lighting does take shape in many forms. For instance, have you ever considered adding solar powered lights for your garden or along the pathway up to your house or driveway? As unusual as it may sound for some of you, these little innovative ideas may actually help you cut out some cost to your electricity bill while adding a lovely aesthetic to your home or garden.

Highlighting a walkway, driveway or even your backyard with path lighting is always a good idea, especially if you have a lot of obstacles such as sprinklers, toys or planters that would be difficult to spot during the night. Solar powered path lighting works like any ordinary path light, except it relies on solar energy to charge up during the day. And what makes it even more convenient is that even if the sun isn't fully shining, there will still be enough UV rays out for the panel to charge up. In the end, you'd be cutting costs on your electricity bill just by using this eco-friendly method of outdoor lighting.

Solar powered lights also come in decorative forms while using the same method of solar charged energy. has an interesting selection of garden and accent lighting that come in a variety of styles, from elegant lanterns to fun, realistic looking solar powered flower lights. The solar powered flower lights are especially interesting in the fact that they look like genuine colorful flowers during the day that automatically light up come dusk. Most will even stay lit for as long as 12 hours on just a few hours of charging out in the sun.

No longer does solar power have to be known as the lighting alternative that uses boring solar panels. Now that it's gaining popularity for its energy saving qualities and is starting to take shape in aesthetically pleasing designs, solar powered lighting will soon enough become a household name.

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