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Way back, before 1980s, people knew of only one channel and that was Doordarshan. Later, DD2 and DD News also surfaced. But the big change arrived in early 1990s when private and foreign bodies got the approval to go ahead with their cable operations in India. From then, there was no looking back. So, finally audience came to know about channels like Zee TV, Star Plus and Sony TV through it.

It went on like this until the concept of satellite tv services surfaced. The revolutionary in-house entertainment concept that threatened to wipe out cable operators completely, created more than a stir. This was the time when people came to know of difference between paid and FTA digital channels.

Subscribing paid digital channels require customer to pay for it. These channels were private bodies' initiative like Star, Sony etc.

FTA (Free to Air) digital channels, on the other hand doesn't need to be paid for. Anyone can subscribe them.

However, another category has emerged in the process. As of now, no particular name has been assigned to it yet they are known as add-on channels. They are differ from one satellite cable tv service provider to another. Some of these digital tv channels offer things such as non-stop music throughout the day. While others facilitate songs and mobile ringtones download. In addition to that, on few channels customers can watch paid premier of their favorite movie at their chosen time.

But wait there is more to it. Some of these digital channels also offer various interactive educational programs for kids and adults. Along with that, people can learn the language of their choice, thanks to different language learning courses available on it. Some digital channels also offer language subtitles that help people to watch various feature films and programs comfortably.

If you are on the religious side, well these digital channels have something to offer you. Few providers broadcast twenty-four hours live show from famous temples, shrines and churches around the country.

Thus, you see there is lot to explore on the digital channels offered by satellite cable tv service providers.
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