Set of My Thoughts Dated 25.10.2008

by Dalip Singh Wasan - Date: 2008-10-24 - Word Count: 481 Share This!

Set of my thoughts dated 25.10.2008.

(1)              Do not give money to beggar nor you should offer money at a religious place because such actions breed beggars and beggars are always curse for the society to which they belong.

(2)              You may read religious books, but only some lines be read and till you adopt and start following those guidelines in your life, you have got no right to read more from those religions books which you have adopted as guides for you.

(3)              Do not miss a class in school because the teacher may not be repeating the same lesson during the whole session.

(4)              Your parents may not be having the same qualifications and may not be having the same status which you have acquired, even then you have got no right to say that you are better than your parents.

(5)              If your state is not functioning well, you have got the right to criticize the state functioning and give them right guidelines.

(6)              In spite of the fact that your parents are well off, still it is your duty to serve them and send them money you have earned.

(7)              Your daughter and sister has been transferred to another house on her marriage, yet it is your duty to have an eye on her and when she needs your help, you must be with her and help her.

(8)              You have got no right to keep others waiting for you and if you have given time to them, you should keep the time and must be with them as per the prescribed schedule.

(9)              Never meet your elders while sitting.  It is your duty to stand up and greet your elders and follow the traditions prescribed as per your religion, caste and society.

(10)          If you are in habit of prayer, please see that you are not repeating the same demand time and again before God because you should wait or admit that the demands which have not been met, had already been rejected by God.

(11)          God is one and therefore, there should be one religion, but since we have got so many religions, we are divided lot and that is the reason we are always at war and all these terrorism and riots have taken birth from these religions.

(12)          Religions may be taking us to God, but what we see all this terrorism and riots have taken birth out of religions and now man should not expect that his religion shall take him to God..

(13)          A man may be strong, but when he loses cooperation from his wife, he becomes a weak person and also hit by inferiority complex.

(14)          Where you yourself have failed, try to see that those heights are achieved by your wards.

(15)          Never come out in public unprepared because an unprepared person is worse than the beast.


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