Huntsville Hospital

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The Communities of Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee, both share the services of the Huntsville Hospital, which is a very big outfit that is staffed by over six hundred and fifty doctors, over two thousand nurses and a total staff numbering over five thousand.

The Hospital is divided into three sections, with each section specializing and providing different services to its patients. The Huntsville Hospital for women and children provides specialized medical attention and services to women and children. These include and are not limited to pre-natal services, maternity services, gynecological services and pediatric services.

The Madison Medical Park is the Huntsville Hospital's outpatient facility that is staffed by doctors specializing in different fields. This may include dentists, gynecologists and obstetricians and general practitioners. Here, when you see the doctor, you get referred to the main hospital or you get a prescription and you go home. Here they deal with the everyday medical problems that we have.

Finally, the Hospital in Huntsville also staffs a seventy bed rehabilitation center. Here, people with different problems ranging from alcohol to drug abuse are admitted and they get the help that they need. 

The amazing thing about the Hospital is that it is a Not for Profit organization. So you find that this is one of the few places where people go to work because it's something they want to do from their hearts. Like many hospitals in the United States, Huntsville Hospital is a teaching and training hospital that is affiliated to the University of Alabama - Birmingham School of Medicine and Family Practice, and Residency Program. On completion of their studies, medical students are attached to the hospital to do their residency there. The Hospital also serves as a primary research center for drugs, with around fifty projects that are currently ongoing.

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