Why It Takes Honesty To Create Online Riches - A Review Of Holly Mann's E-Book

by Daniel Croft - Date: 2007-03-09 - Word Count: 591 Share This!

Have you ever wanted to make money online and wondered how others have done it? or are doing it? Maybe you have wondered how to make money from ebooks, or build websites or get your own for website for free. Perhaps you have a burning desire to begin an online home based business? Or perhaps, you have wanted an online Internet Marketing expert to sit down with you for one week and teach you and coach you so that you can make money or residual income online. But, most important to ensure that you're doing it right. Paying for a coach would cost lots of money and once the session was over you would be on your own or have to pay to get questions answered in additional sessions. Overall, paying for an online coach to teach you would be very expensive.

A smart ebook called Honest Riches (formally No Thank You Rich Jerk) is the answer to these questions. The ebook is written by Holly Mann a 24yr old single mum and disabled ex-us war veteran who has written the ebook for current newbies, beginners, intermediates or anyone who wants to learn the techniques required to make money online. Holly presents a multiple amount of techniques for making money online from no money down to a small budget.

From reading Honest Riches it is evident that Holly has probably asked some of the above questions. This is supported by her online interviews where she has stated that in response to these unanswered questions she went to Thailand to study Internet Marketing and making money online, applied the methods successfully and then wrote the ebook Honest Riches to share the methods with others.

Her honesty and integrity in wanting to share the information is what separates this ebook from the rest. She explains the methods and strategies in simple detail and will have you begin to make money as soon as you have read the 95 page ebook. The beauty of the ebook is that it explains the formula and processes used to setup free websites, select hosting packages and make money using available online tools. The ebook avoids explaining partial methods, a problem common with many ebooks, which deliberately leave out the essential detail. Holly isn't scared to share her knowledge so others can benefit as she has.

The ebook directs you on how to make money from electronic products, ebooks, and Forums, it also explains how to make money from Blogs and Google AdSense as well as how to source free websites and software. As Holly points out, you don't need web design, coding skills or an in-depth knowledge of the Internet to get started.

The bonuses offered by Holly are plentiful: a support forum, regular updates to the ebook and over 100 resource links and it is this which makes this purchase truly valuable and worth every Penny. The only concern of the book would be the page numbers, which are, absent from the main contents page making referencing from the contents page challenging. However, that matter is only a minor detail. If anything, the information Holly gives you should carry with it a premium and a much higher price than she offers for it.

Honest Riches is ultimately, a truly recommended ebook for getting started and making money immediately. You will never regret buying the ebook, and if anything after reading it you'll only regret not finding it earlier.

Honest Riches will save you the investment in the time it takes to move from a beginner to an intermediate Internet Marketer.

Rated as First class!

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Daniel Croft is an online Solopreneur following Holly Mann's Honest Riches methods. Find out how you can begin making money online at http://www.honestsuccessonline.com

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