Personal Trainer: And the Perfect You

by Kya Grace - Date: 2010-10-29 - Word Count: 715 Share This!

Why do you need a personal trainer? If someone asked you the ten things you like the least and the ten things you like the most, then one of the things on your "dislike" list is probably that you don't like to be fat. Am I right?

Many people have things that annoy them. A famous singer, LeAnn Rimes, writes in one of her songs that she does not like it when someone says she's wrong when she's right. She does not like rain on her shoes. And carrying that line of thought further, most people just plain don't like to be fat. Being fat can make you feel unhealthy; can make you feel uncomfortable in your baggy clothes; and even can make you feel that you do not look your best. Being fat can affect your posture and give you back pain or hip pain. Being fat can make you feel tired and depressed. And so on.

What are some of the things most people do like? Most people like to be healthy, to not be overweight, to be happy, to be liked, to be loved, to succeed at what they do in life. If your personal trainer can help you lose weight, then what are you waiting for? Find the right personal trainer for you, and get started losing weight now!

You will feel good after exercise under the guidance of your personal trainer. It feels good after you breathe in fresh air, after your heart gets pumping, after you warm up and get sweaty. And becoming lighter in weight will free you. You will find that you can do things with more ease, like you are not weighed down with every step you take.

Your personal trainer can help you achieve your goal of becoming the perfect you as far as your weight goes. But a lot of positive things happen when you lose weight. And your personal trainer is there for you to make the good you hope for happen.

If you take a look at the many successful people in history, then you may notice a pattern of many of those people being slim and healthy-looking: Bill Gates, Donald Trump, the U.S. Presidents throughout history, Madonna, Britney Spears, Marilyn Monroe, The Beatles, Neil Armstrong - the first man to set foot on the moon, Mahatma Ghandhi, Lewis and Clark, Albert Einstein, Steffi Graf- the tennis player, Florence Nightingale - the nurse, Princess Diana of Wales, Frank Sinatra - the singer, Thomas Edison - the inventor, etc.

The workout that your personal trainer will guide you through will make you lose weight, get fit, look physically better, remove tension, and help you achieve your dream of becoming the perfect you.

In addition, the question remains: can the physical exercise that your personal trainer directs you and guides you through make you more intelligent and successful? Yes, I believe so. Exercise allows more oxygen to your brain and helps you to think more clearly. You may feel smarter when ideas flow more freely after exercise, perhaps leading to good things happening in your life making you find success in whatever you endeavor.

Furthermore, some research has been done to address the issue of whether or not exercise makes you smarter. The results indicate that exercise that increases blood flow and oxygen levels to the brain is beneficial in this respect (, 2010). Researchers know that exercise changes the structure of the brain and affects thinking. And exercise stimulates the creation of new brain cells. However further research is needed to examine in more depth what types of exercises are the best to improve what specific types of cognitive improvement. Yet, it is generally agreed that exercise does improve brain function (, 2010).

One thing is for certain, your skin glows and looks more healthy and radiant after working out with the guidance of your personal trainer. And the slim body you have worked to obtain looks great in the clothes you wear after your fitness sessions with your personal trainer.

So, to be the perfect you, the slim person you really are inside, then hire your personal trainer to unlock the hidden treasure, the wonderful, perfect you, that is waiting to shine forth in brilliant form.

It will take work, physical effort and exercise, but your personal trainer is here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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