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by Doug Champigny - Date: 2008-08-27 - Word Count: 512 Share This!

Because of the popularity of Private Label Rights (PLR) products, the market has literally become flooded with them. Many Private Label Rights products are resold as PLR products, which are then sold as PLR products, and so on and so forth. This makes it hard to find and offer premium Private Label Rights products to your customers.

There is a solution to your PLR woes, fortunately! First, look for PLR deals where the number of PLR licenses sold is limited. The more limited the licenses are, the higher the price usually is - but this works in your favor. You will typically be getting a better PLR product, and you won't have nearly as much competition when it comes to selling your converted product to your customers. Even though the licenses are limited, however, make sure that you change and repackage the original Private Label Rights product to make it your own unique offering before offering it for sale online.

On that note, look for Private Label Rights products that you can easily change to increase the value of your finished product. Using this method, a PLR product has the potential to be very profitable, simply because you will be making drastic changes from the original PLR package, and offering the market something that they don't already have, and that nobody else is marketing online.

One of the easiest ways is to take PLR articles and compile them into an e-book - just cut and paste each PLR article into a .doc file, each starting on a new page, then create an index and a title page, add your Author's page and niche-related recommended resources at the end, and turn it into a PDF - voila, a new niche product to sell or give away to build your opt-in list.

Look for what your niche wants. You can poll your customers to find out what they want or need, then go out and find a niche PLR product that closely resembles that. You can then change the PLR product to fully fill your customers' needs or desires. One simple way to search for products with Private Label Rights in any given niche is to use a search engine and type in niche or type + PLR and see what comes up. You can also join PLR Article membership sites or E-Book membership sites that cater to a varied selection of niches, to allow you wider exposure and a better chance of making money online from your niche marketing.

There are even PLR membership sites that give you complete PLR web sites each month, either to use for Adsense sites or as a base to then add your niche products to - either way they save a lot of time over creating your own sites from scratch!

Those are the best ways to find profitable PLR products. Offer products that are not readily available or easy to find, and also ask your market what they want or need. When you take the time to consider these things, you will find that you have much more success with PLR in ANY niche!

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