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The PC to phone solutions is steadily gaining momentum among the masses due to various positive reasons such as the cost-effective factor and hassle-free communication. This innovative means of connecting people from all over the world with the support of Internet telephony has offered a new dimension to connectivity. The VoIP phone providers are analysing the advantages of utilising this special kind of telephony in the place of conventional network connectivity. These advanced and latest networks have seriously changed the manner people communicate with one another. With the inception of this technology, people nowadays can easily chat, transfer files, view, and even enjoy the conference calling over the same network at a very affordable tariff rate which is very low as compared to the conventional means of communication.

One can easily enjoy the facilities of communicating with the PC to phone or Internet telephony but this process has special requirements which have to be fulfilled. First of all, a PC is required to avail this facility. Apart form this the other requirements are a headset, an Internet connection, and an efficient VoIP service operator which would permit the users to enjoy unlimited calls all over the world. Domestic as well as International calls can be comfortably enjoyed at the same price and that also without paying anything extra money for the connection of network.

When the PC phone is installed, the concerned person has to create a personal account and register to avail the service of his or her preferred network service operator. After all the requirements are fulfilled a personal account number is offered to the person. He then just has to download the software which is required to avail the facility of PC to phone solutions. As such after fulfilling all the requirements the users can enjoy unlimited long distance and international free calls whenever and wherever they want while they are online. Furthermore, the services of the VoIP phone are not limited to just calling international numbers but the service has now been extended to mobile phones too. Therefore, it is conceivable for the users to enjoy international and long distance calls at very cheap rates.

The PC to phone solutions has various user-friendly features which pertains to telephony. The interface of this technology is quite convenient, friendly and can be comfortably accessed from anywhere without any hassles. Actually, the PC phones have become everybody's choice and its activation is also very hassle free.

Actually the technology of the VoIP calls is based on real-time and efficiently transmits the voice signals into digital packets which are then routed over the internet. As such the customers can easily send images, video clips , and even personal recordings to their beloved others without any generation loss and interruption.

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