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Spam Mail: An overview

How Does A Spam Mail Overflow Initiates?

Each day more and more neophytes to the internet hook up their computers and start surfing; as with any other neophyte behaviour would do, they will start by doing a query search on particular items such as school related assignments and other matters that are particularly related or linked to their daily life.

The internets is a powerful magnet and as such, search engines and sheer human curiosity will cause more new surfers to browse a page that they do not know or find amusing.

Sometimes the user will have to "register" to gain access to the website, newly arrived surfers think that it is "safe" to give the email address out, they will register becoming one of the best sources where Spam Mail senders gather their information.

Other sources of email addresses gathering for spammers (a.k.a "address harvesting") are chat rooms and, of course, the always popular email chains.

When a person that is receiving the unwanted mail with all the good faith in the world activates the link to unsubscribe to the email that he or she is receiving, this will validate the address and encourage the spammer to send more emails of other products, services and different things.

What Are Doing ESPs To Stop It?

Normally, any email service provider (ESP) offers a wide variety of spam filters that are almost entirely devoted to preventing, blocking and filtering those unwanted emails from their email user's inboxes; nonetheless, they cannot fully filter or prevent unwanted mail to pass through their filters.

This basic procedure has given birth to a wide range of protective measures that are focused to block and prevent the use of the internet mail system to send unwanted emails.

Unfortunately, spammers seem to be one step ahead of the international agencies and offices that are devoted to put a halt by using automatic bots that are designed and built to activate and generate email accounts under different names, so when an email account is flagged as a spam source and deleted from existence, five more take its place.

The counterpart to this is called "captcha" which requires an immediate action or typing of a word, characters or numeric code in order to authenticate a new email account, still spam mail bots are able to circumvent such measures simply by using image-processing software.

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