Five Facts on Adhd Therapy

by Robert William Locke - Date: 2008-11-23 - Word Count: 540 Share This!

It's unbelievable but the most widely used drug for ADHD therapy (known as Ritalin) has increased by 9,000% over a ten year period in the UK! Many parents are asking this question :- Does this mean that the number of children needing ADHD therapy has increased by that figure or is this drug being prescribed en masse for children with problems? ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is widely misdiagnosed as well. They also frequently ask if ADHD alternative therapy is available and above all, if it is free from side effects.

First Fact - Many parents are beginning to question the standard medication (psychostimulants) for ADHD therapy and are worried about the side effects. Another very popular drug (Adderall) has been withdrawn in Canada because there were legitimate concerns and some evidence to show that children with heart problems were suffering from alarming side effects. In any case, children on these psychostimulant drugs have to be monitored for heart and blood pressure which also sets alarm bells ringing for worried parents.

Second Fact :- Weight gain and metabolic disorders have been reported in children using psychostimulant drugs for ADHD. The University of Florida reported in 2007 around 50% of all children (from 5 -12 year olds) diagnosed with ADHD were prescribed these drugs. The FDA is worried that warnings issued to doctors are not sufficient and that these drugs are not being correctly prescribed.

Third Fact :- Just this week, The Times reported that Risperdal which is tranquilizer with some awful side effects

is being prescribed for children with ADHD. The alarming fact is that this drug is suitable only for children suffering from bipolar disorder, NOT for children with ADHD! The FDA is asking why up to 16% of pediatric patients were given this drug when they only had ADHD. This figure was for a three year period.

Fourth Fact : There are many ways of treating ADHD apart from conventional medication which, as we have seen above, has alarming side effects on the children who take them. ADHD alternative therapy can take many forms such as family therapy, visual therapy, homeopathy and hypnotherapy. Many parents are asking if there are herbal remedies for ADHD therapy and if this a valid alternative.

Fifth Fact :- Hyperactive children when they take psychostimulant drugs are stimulated as the name suggests. You might think that stimulation is the last thing a hyperactive ADHD sufferer needs but it does help the brain to stay focused and the child will pay more attention as a result, thus improve concentration and control restlessness. There are lots of herbal ingredients (Gingko Biloba and Brahmi just to mention two) which can stimulate the brain just as effectively as the drugs do and there are no damaging side effects. If you click on the link below the article, you will find a list of herbal stimulants which are a much safer alternative therapy for ADHD.

Believe me, many parents are now seeking ADHD alternative therapy as they realize that conventional medication with psychostimulants is damaging their children's health. Now that you are armed with this information, you can click on the link below which will give you all the information you need on ADHD alternative therapy which is safe for your child.

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