What Kind of Web Sites are Mini-Sites?

by Ryan Ambrose - Date: 2007-03-13 - Word Count: 266 Share This!

You can go all over the Net and see giant, extensive commercial web sites with massive amounts of content. These sites are huge, traffic heavy, and generally profitable. This might leave you wondering if that's the only way a web site can be profitable. If you want a web site, does it have to be a massive mall-type site in order to make money? The answer is: absolutely not.

If you only intend to sell one thing, are preselling affiliate programs, collecting a list, or simply want to keep your costs down, you can use a mini-site. These types of sites are five pages or less and normally used to sell a single thing. The most common categories of mini-sites I have seen are sales letter sites, list collection sites that consist only of a single page, and affiliate review pages.

While a single one of these sites probably won't make you a fortune, they do keep their visitors focused on a single idea or product, which helps with conversions. They're also quicker, simpler, and less expensive to make and optimize as compared to their much larger counterparts. This means you can make multiple types of this site to sell any number of individual products, collect lists (or both) and target traffic specifically to each one.

Most of the ebooks I have bought were sold on mini-sites, and the idea is effective enough to keep their numbers growing. If you sell your own product and want a web presence without a lot of web pages, I recommend you consider making a mini-site.

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