Social Networking No Longer Just For Kids

by Theresa Adams - Date: 2008-09-22 - Word Count: 523 Share This!

A few years ago the majority of social network users were people in the 12 to 24 year age group. In the past year, some of the social networking sites have seen a steady growth of users that are over 40.

With the growing population of retirees and empty nesters, this group is one of the fastest growing segment of new internet users. It is predicted that in 2011 the total U.S. adult social networking audience will grow to more than 85 million which is 49 percent of the U.S. adult internet population.

The danger associated with social networking sites is that teenagers and some adults, write too much personal information about themselves. Users of these sites should be wary of revealing personal information. This information could be viewed by online predators, marketers, school officials, government agencies and a potential employer.

In addition to revealing to much about yourself, when meeting new people or browsing the membership base on these sites, one maybe shocked by the language, pictures and videos on these sites. Because of this, a lot of social network users are not using the site to share stuff with their family members. Which is really a shame, because these sites could be a wonderful way to connect and communicate with friends and family.

Presently 1 in 4 internet users participate in a social network. Some of the possible reasons why 75 percent of internet users have not joined is because of the folowing reasons: they think social networking is just for teenagers and young adults; it is unsafe in regards to their personal information; only people that join are those looking for someone to date; it is too complicated and they do not understand how it works and some have been offended by the language, videos and pictures.

If you are looking for a social networking site that addresses the majority of these concerns and is safe for your friends and family, then you should check out this new social newtork site

This website has a word filter that prevents members from being exposed to profanity and lewd or sexual comments - as well as racial slurs and other hate speech. To further ensure that the site remains clear of offensive material and is safe for all ages, all pictures, video and audio clips go through an approval process - which takes places within 12 hours of submission - before they are posted. In addition, Our-Social discourages members from ever publicly displaying information such as their e-mail address and full name.

This website also has games and a forum. The forum is moderated and has many safety features.

For those of you who are new to social networking and are confused as to how to create a personal page, this site is very user friendly. The members have their own account pages, which serve as personalized control panels, where users can manage all aspects of their account. Management activities include selecting a variety of custom design profile pages, setting privacy levels for the account, creating a blog, checking mail, inviting friends to join, sending out friendship requests, a calendar and creating numerous picture, video and audio albums.

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